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"What the hell you did to my dress?" Nadia shouted on Dylan with blood shot eyes.

I looked over at Aaron with a smile and he gave me a knowing look. Picking up my gown, I moved towards Nadia to help her calm down.

"Just added a bit more colour I guess" Dylan replied with his usual calm tone.

"Very funny Mr. VanAssche! Very funny! Let me throw a glass full of wine on your oh-so-expensive suit and say the same thing. I guess it won't be funny any longer" she said with clenched teeth.

"Thank you if you found it funny but just to make things clear I didn't cracked a joke" he said, making Nadia angrier.

"Hold on guys. It was an accident" I said. Nadia turned towards me and showed the big stain of the wine on her dress "see what he did".

I looked over at Dylan but there wasn't even a bit of guilt for his act. I know it was an accident but he could have acted like a true gentleman and apologised to her rather than being sarcastic.

"I think you both should apologise to each other and end this here" I came up with the only solution I had, without them starting a fight.

They both looked at me as if I had lost my mind so I turned to look at Aaron who just shrugged. Kevin came after a few seconds and looked at all of us trying to gauge the complication of the situation.

"When was the last time I ever apologised Caro?" Dylan asked me sweetly.

Nadia rolled her eyes at his question, but her expressions changed all of a sudden as if something came up on her mind "and why should I apologise? Isn't he the one who spoiled my dress? Then why the hell should I apologise!" She yelled.

Aaron came a little closer to where we all were standing and wrapped his hand around my shoulders "Nadia I completely understand your point and even I feel that VanAssche should apologise but you should not forget that we are still in my wedding party".

I nodded my head, agreeing with Aaron completely.

"Of course this is your wedding party so please do me a favour and ask this man to leave from here before I kick him out myself" Nadia said glaring daggers in Dylan's head whereas Dylan's face now held shock, listening her violent words.

"And, sorry to speak in between but, I want to warn you Mr. VanAssche, she kicks really hard" Kevin said giving a pained look, drawing all the attention towards him.

Nate and Brian burst out laughing and Nadia gave me a look that clearly said what she had done with Kevin earlier. This girl!

"I had no interest in attending this wedding but just because you are getting married to my sister I had to be present to assure that she will be fine" he said to Aaron sternly then turned back to face Nadia "didn't you hear Caro say it was an accident and moreover where were you looking when you crashed into me?".

Though Dylan must be really irritated and angry from inside but he is too good in hiding his emotions and act cool.

"And here I thought they both were dating" I murmured to myself but they heard it and everyone stared at me with their eyes bugging out.

Aaron gave me an amused look and said "you think your friend has that bad of a choice?"

"Exactly!" Nadia snapped.

"Are we taking sides Aaron?" I ignored Nadia's horrific glare and concentrated on Aaron speaking for Nadia, or more like Aaron speaking against Dylan.

He looked at Dylan then back at me "I am" he smiled and I sighed.

Here I am trying to end the argument and my lovely husband is just making it worse.

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