Chapter 12

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Sierra's POV

Sighing, I made my way inside with the contract in my hand. What do I do? Should I agree or should I just leave and depend on my brothers? Shit!

The contract is in my hands and I am a bit hesitant to read it. Why did he ask me to be his wife he can have any girl he wants. That is so frustrating. Let's just not think about that and read this god damn contract.

I went through the formal addressing and then turned to the terms an conditions.

Terms and conditions applied in the interval of the contract

●Moving in with Mr Alexander Delucas is compulsory.
●Continue working at the company is optional in those two years.
●Both parties should pretend to be madly in love in public including family members and friends.
●Miss Blooms is not allow to see any other man during the period of time of the contract.
●Attending events with Mr Delucas is necessary.

At the end of every six month an amount of a million dollars is going to be deposited into the bank account of Miss Blooms till the end of this contract.

Is he nuts? That's a lot of money but I am not going to accept this. We seriously need to work the payment out. I feel like he is buying me. That makes me feel so cheap. Urgggggg. I need to get some sleep because I know that I will look like a mess if I don't go to bed.

Unfortunately, I couldn't have even the slightest sleep and I am lying on my bed with my eyes wide open at two in the morning. The contract kept on hunting me.

'The little girl walked to the river and glanced in the water. I remember this place. My dad used to take me and my brothers there to play. This place is beautiful. I could stay here all day and all night and not get bored. I looked back at the little girl who couldn't keep her eyes away from the water. I can tell she is mesmerize by the beauty of this place. In the corner of my eyes, I saw a chubby little boy with beautiful black hair coming towards the little girl. I couldn't see their face at all. I leaned forward to be able to see them clearly but everything became black and I was falling in a hole.' 

Shit! It was that dream again. I was sweating hard. How can I make this stop? I pressed my head into my hands and couldn't hold back my tears. What is happening? I have been having these dreams since the past few weeks. I need to talk to my mom or my brothers tomorrow.

 I need to talk to my mom or my brothers tomorrow

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Surely I need to get this out of my mind. It will go away. I rubbed my eyes and looked at the clock on my nightstand. Oh crap! I messed up. It's already 9 o'clock. I am doomed. "Crap crap crap!" I said getting up from bed. 

I ran into the bathroom and opened the tap to rinse my face. When I looked at my face I just lost all courage of going to work. I look like shit. I have bags under my eyes and I look so pale. Urgggggg I then took a quick shower and went back to my room to pick my outfit for work.

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