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Chapter 6

Strange Introductions

***Synnie's POV***

I tried my best to keep my mouth shut as I stared at the gorgeous piece of meat in front of me. My fantasies were interrupted when I heard someone clear their throat. Whoops! Daycen coughed awkwardly and looked at me. 

I blushed. "Sorry. I'm done eating you with my eyes now." He laughed and I my blush grew darker. O-M-G! CHALLY! I quickly grabbed Daycen by the hand. "Is it okay if I call you Day?" He nodded, the smallest hint of a smile creeping onto his face. "YAY! You have to meet my boyfriend!" 

I tried to keep us from tripping as I drug Day over to where Chally was leaning against his Lamborghini. "What took you so--" 

He stopped in mid sentence as his eyes landed on Day. I grinned. This might work. "Chally, meet Daycen. Daycen, meet Chally!" I smiled brightly as they smiled at eachother. 

"Heeelllooo, Gorgeous!" I gasped. Chally's eyes widened. "Sorry! Are you gay?" To my disappointment, Day shook his head no. I pouted way to visibly and Day laughed. 

He grinned visciously, "I'm Bi." I squealed in delight as I jumped up and down, clapping like an idiot.    

"Well, while Synnie is freaking out over there, I am indeed Chalice Eternity." Chally held his hand out and Day shook it.

"Daycen Eliptic. Nice to meet you, my good sir!" One thing to know about Day, it's instantly obvious that he is SUPER RANDOM. Just the way I like them.