11 - Vanessa boo it is.

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Vanessa 🌻

"I do not tolerate behavior like this in my school, girls." I keep my eyes down, looking at my nails as if they were the most interesting nails in the world.

Though I was just pissed because the red colored nail polish I'd painted onto my fingers the other day was now ruined thanks to the bitch seated beside me.

"I'm going to call both your parents and due to the both of you breaking our schools rules, I've decided to put you both on a one week suspension." My eyes bulged out of their sockets as soon as I hear those words tumble out of principal Montgomery's mouth.

"She pushed me into the lockers! I obviously retaliated!" I exclaimed, getting extremely frustrated.

"You were flirting with my boyfriend!" Blondie, who's name was apparently Daphne, shouts.

"I wasn't fucking flirting with him dumbass!" I shout back, ready to pounce on her again.

"I seen you two, you lying slut!-"

"Enough!" Principal Montgomery snaps, rubbing at her temples. "I'll let the both of you off with a warning. Don't let it happen again." She grits, before flicking a finger towards her office door. "Get out."

I get up and leave the room without further ado, running a hand through my hair in frustration when the bell rings, signalling lunch was over.

"You need to loose the weight anyway." A bitchy voice sneers from behind me. I growl lowly, watching as Daphne stalks past me in her pink high heel, and a smirk curled on her lips.

"Ha." I let out a short, fake laugh. "Losing fat is easy bitch, but no plastic surgery is ever gonna fix that fugly face of yours." With that, I brush past her, deciding to ditch my next period and leave school to eat something.

I'd picked up my wallet when me and Daphne were sent to the principals office, so that was with me and my car keys were inside it so I left before anyone could see me.

Or so I thought.

"Vanessa!" I scowl to myself upon hearing his voice. This is all his fault. That little cunt. "You ditching without me?" I roll my eyes, and walk faster upon spotting my car.

"Fuck off Knight!" I shout over my shoulder. There were hushed voices before suddenly I was being thrown over someone's shoulder. "Ahh!" I shriek leaves my lips and I nervously clutch onto the guys shirt.

"You should know not to ignore me." I lift my head, glaring at Connor. Then I realized that Connor wasn't the one carrying me.

So who the fuck was?

"Put me down!" I shriek, slamming my fists against the guys muscular back.

"Fuck, chill girl. It's not like I'm planning to fucking murder you!" Then I recognized the voice instantly. Connor's best friend, Xavier.

"And, what, am I supposed to believe that? For all I know, that's exactly what're doing!"

"Calm your cute ass down Vanessa. Where are you going anyway? I didn't pin you as the type of girl to ditch school." Connor says, as I continue to struggle against Xavier's hold.

Finally, I give up and fall limp over his shoulder.

"I missed lunch because your girlfriend found it a good idea to shove me into the lockers. I fucked up her face, and got sent to the principals." I spat, anger still boiling inside me.

"Girlfriend?" Xavier scoffed. "Connor doesn't do girlfriends." He says amusedly as Connor bursts out laughing.

Then suddenly I'm being placed back onto my feet, thank god. It took me a few seconds to regain my balance due to being upside down for god knows how long.

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