10 - I think I'm falling.

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Vanessa 🌻

"So, Vanessa, I heard you go to my younger sisters school." I look up from the fire, arching my brow at the shaggy blonde haired dude.

"You mean you heard I go to Montgomery private?" I ask, wrapping my arms around myself when a rush of cold wind hit my bare skin.

Why the hell didn't I wear a jacket?

The blonde guy smirks at me, leaning forward. "Yeah, that's what I mean. Anyway, you sing for the school right?" He asks and I smile slightly, wondering how on earth he knows this.

"Yeah, I do." I nod my head in conformation. Drake looks at me in surprise, a small smirk tugging on his lips.

"You think you can help my sister out? She needs to get into the music class but they won't move her." He explains and I purse my lips.

"What's her name?"

"Emma Dennis."

I nod my head, not wanting to say no. "Okay. I'll do my best."

"Thanks Vanessa, seriously. I'm Kyle by the way." A smirk is back on his face as he holds his hand out for me to shake. I place my smaller hand into his and shake it, raising both brows in surprise when he lifts the back of my hand up to his lips and kisses it.

"Alright Kyle, that's enough." Drake pulls my hand away from Kyle's and the blonde grins. "Stop being such a flirt."

"You jealous Knight?" Kyle taunts.

Drake scowls at his friend, eyes narrowing into slits. "Just shut up man."

Kyle raises his arms up in defense.

I stifle my laugh, wondering what the hell Drake's problem was when it came to Kyle flirting with me. Another gush of wind blows past and I clench my teeth, shivering slightly. My hair whipped around my face and suddenly my shoulders are being covered with something heavy.

I look to my side and watch drake with a smile as he slides his leather jacket over my shoulders and bare arms.

"You're so stupid coming without a jacket and a dress like that." The dark haired boy rolls his eyes at me and I roll my eyes back.

"You didn't have to do that Drake." I murmur, biting down on my bottom lip.

"I insist." Drake wraps his arm around me, pulling me into his side unexpectedly. My heart starts to pound at the cute gesture and before I know it, I'm leaning into him. Breathing in the intoxicating cologne of his.

Yeah, I think I'm falling. I thought to myself as a smile creeps onto my lips.


I arrived home at almost one in the morning. The house was silent but most of the lights were turned on which was weird. Usually they'd be off by the time I get back from partying.

I had originally went to the house party with Kelly but before I left I looked for her everywhere and I couldn't find her. I felt slightly guilty because I'd kinda ditched her and hung out with Drake for the rest of the night.

We were suppose to have a girls night out since she's moving to Australia after tomorrow. Her parents are getting their things shipped from here to there throughout today, and tomorrow. Tomorrow Kelly's planning on spending as much time with Tom as she possibly can.

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