Chapter 44

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They had spent the day lounging around without much thought for doing anything. Connie found herself standing in the kitchen, her hands pressed to the counter as she lifted her head to look at the ceiling.

It had been one thing to admit what she had known all along, but to follow it up and actually end things with Greg would be another. She knew it wouldn't end well for them, no matter which way she looked at it she didn't see this being a very civil conversation.

Shaking the thoughts from her mind for a moment she felt the flicker of a smile come to her lips for no reason at all. "You really should smile more often you know..." Glancing back over her shoulder slightly she spotted Sam now leaning against the door frame a short distance from her. "And give myself away entirely?" He chuckled to himself as she turned herself to face him, resting against the counter still.

Connie noticed that he was fully dressed with his coat hanging over his arm. "Figured I better get out of here before we gain company." She sighed gently before nodding as she pushed away wandering towards him. He instantly opened his arms to encase her into a hug. Connie rest her head to his chest releasing a slow breath as he gently squeezed her.

"There's no rush Con, you know I'll wait." She laughed lifting her head to look up at him. "Don't make yourself sound too desperate there Strachan." He scoffed lifting a hand to brush against her cheek as she smiled. "See you in work tomorrow?" "You will." Closing the space between them, he pressed his lips to hers gently as responded to him slowly.

His hands pressed to the small of her back as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders. Parting from her lips he watched as she leant back from him. "Let me take you for dinner this weekend?" Raising an eyebrow she watched as he shook his head. "Away from here, just us." "I can't, I promised Greg we'd spend sometime together."

He couldn't help the drop he felt within himself, despite the facade he tried to keep up with her. "Of course... I best get going." She instantly felt the loss of contact as he stepped away from her towards the front door. Pushing a hand to the counter she watched him disappear down the corridor before sighing to herself.

Rushing forwards she caught up to him before he left. "Sam..." He caught her as he turned around, his hands pressed to her thighs as she wrapped her legs around his waist, her lips crashing down onto his. Sam's breath caught in his throat as she deepened the kiss, his hand running up into her hair.

Breaking from his lips she remained close to him as she rest her forehead to his. Sam smiled as he ran his fingers through her hair before trailing down her back. "Something you wanted Mrs Beauchamp?" The smile spread to her lips as she let her gaze meet with his. "Meet me for lunch tomorrow?" "All that for a lunch date?" Rolling her eyes he laughed nodding. "Lunch it is."

Pushing her lips to his once more she savoured the feel before sliding from his grip. Tip toeing up, she broke from his lips as he smirked down at her. "I'll see you tomorrow." Nodding she leant against the door watching as he disappeared down the stairs. Letting the door close gently, she leant against it releasing a sigh before heading back into the house.

The afternoon drifted by and soon enough the front door was closing before his voice trailed through the house. "Connie?" "In the kitchen!" He dropped his bags beside the wall in the hallway before wandering through to see her standing beside the oven. A smile spread across his face as soon as his eyes fell to her.

Moving closer he stepped up behind her, his arms slipping around her waist. Moving her hair over her shoulder, he pushed his lips to her neck as she smiled gently. "It's so good to see you." A pang of guilt ran through her as she forced the smile onto her lips. "Mmm... How was the conference?" "Umm, yeah it was good." "And your parents?" Greg nodded before resting his chin on her shoulder. "They're alright, asked how you were doing."

Turning in his arms she smiled gently. "I am sorry I didn't come." He smiled shaking his head, his arms still around her waist. "What are you doing this weekend?" Greg watched her shaking his head. "How about we do something together then? I feel bad for all the time we've not spent together lately." Greg ran a hand across her cheek quickly as she shook her hair down her back. "I think that sounds like a lovely idea."

Connie smiled as she leant closer into his chest hiding the expression from her face. It may seem like a grand gesture, but in her mind it was the only way she could make herself feel better for what she planned on telling him. A way of softening the blow in some way.

As Greg held her gently, he rest his head on top of hers looking out of the large windows across the city. He was glad she had suggested the weekend together, there was something he needed to talk to her about and it wasn't something that could wait too long.

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