❤︎Chapter 20: Lucky Charm

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👟"Ah, those shoes there."


Tomomi and I stop walking to look through the window of a shoe store. He lets go of my hand to point to a pair of shoes on display. They're black and silver and made to look very shapely around the wearer's feet. It was obvious they were some kind of sports shoe.

"They're nice, huh. I would love to wear them for my upcoming game. I haven't quite had the chance to buy any new pairs."

Ah, Tomomi is so cute when he wants something! I want to spoil him.

"They would look great on you. Why not buy them now?" I asked, eyeing the price. It was high by my standards, but maybe not so much for Tomomi.

"Can't." He looks at me, "I'd rather spend money on someone else today." Tomomi flashes me his brilliant smile and I blush instantly. He walks smoothly back over to me and takes my hand again, leading me through the streets of Tokyo in its sleepy sunset orange evening.

I find him easier to talk to every time I open my mouth, and I wasn't very well known for being loquacious. We spoke about a lot of things, from our favorite foods to our families and our dreams. Tomomi told me that he lives in a giant mansion a little ways from the school with his grandmother, his only family. In the future, he told me that he would be taking over the family business.

There was a slight bitterness to his tone when he spoke about his future position, but I decided not to pry for now and lighten the mood.

"There's a really cute gift shop! Have you been there before?!" I point to the store just a few blocks away and Tomomi shakes his head. I immediately start pulling him eagerly in the direction.

A few moments later, we're standing in the store as I show Tomomi all of the cute trinkets they were selling. I couldn't help but start getting excited -- gift shops were my favorite -- especially this one!

"Ahhh! I really haven't been here in awhile. It's been so long, it's so exciting."

"Shall I buy you something?"

I look over at Tomomi, surprised that he would suggest such a thing. Most of the items in here were really expensive. I usually had to save up over a month's worth of allowance to buy ONE thing from here.

😳"N-No! That's alright!"

😏"Hmm...let's see what would look good on you...." Tomomi starts walking away before I can reach him. He's looking in the jewelry section, bending over to look as close as possible.

"Tomomi, you really don't have to get me anything! This store has really expensive stuff!" I go over to him and place my hands on his upper arm unconsciously. I instantly flush when I realize how defined the muscles were there. Resisting the urge to actually feel them was like torture.

"Did you forget I'm a rich kid?" My crush looks at me with dark eyes and a mischievous smirk. I recoil from his arm, feigning surprise.

"Y-You've never shoved your wealth in my face before!"

The two of us are laughing in the next moment as Tomomi chooses an adorable pair of duck earrings that I had been wanting to buy for months now. I want to protest, but something about being spoiled by him felt so nice.

We must have walked around Tokyo window shopping for the next hour before we found ourselves at my front door.

"Wow, we're already here..."

"I know, we had so much fun, but it's getting so late." Tomomi hands me my backpack and my gift bag, his hand lingering around mine when our hands meet for the exchange. I smile warmly at him and he returns my gaze.

We stare in silence, neither one of us wanting to be the first to say goodbye. I look back into his dark eyes and can't help but melt. They were so beautiful and sweet...

💦"Ah, I'd better go!" Tomomi turns around quickly, a hint of red coloring his cheeks as he starts to walk speedily  in the other direction.

"W-Wait! Why?!"

"Because! I'm thinking of kissing you!"

😳"EH?! Wait! Kissing?! Come back! What's wrong with --"

"It's too early! See you on Monday!"

"Waaaaait! I don't care if you--"


"Momoka! Who are you talking to?!"

I nearly drop everything in my hand when my older brother and sister kick the door from the inside, their arms folded over their chests. Usagi looks only slightly ticked that I was out after sundown, but Akio is seething with rage.

"OI! I SAID WHO WERE YOU TALKING TO?!" Akio runs outside and quickly tosses me over his shoulder, carrying me inside. I drop my bags accidentally in the process and Usagi makes a squeaking noise before running out to grab them and snoop through my things.

"Aki! Put me down! Usagi! That's not yours, quit being nosy!"


"It wasn't anyone!"

"Liiiiiiar!" Usagi follows us inside and lifts up my gift bag, "You went on that date, didn't you? And he bought you something! Momoka, you sly giiiirl!"

"No! I don't approve of this relationship!" Akio drops me on my bed and I reach for my pillows to throw the both of them out of my room.

"I hate the BOTH OF YOU."

"You're not allowed to hate us! Now stay in your room and think about what you've done!"

"YOU think about what you've done! You're lucky Tomomi didn't see--oh." I smack my hands over my face and Aki runs BACK into my room, his eyes wide.

😱"To...Tomomi?! Is that a unisex name? It's a girl right? Right? MOMOKAAAAA!"

Oh, god.

He might tell Dad.

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