Chapter 13

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"One or two?"

I lifted the fruits in my hands, trying to figure out which one had a better quality and how many I should take.

I shoved them in my cart and continued onto another aisle before I stopped and picked up more things.

It was refreshing leaving the house after being locked in for so long, I felt so free I didn't want to return at all.

I pushed my cart and gazed along the aisles nostalgic for my father's store but it was better than nothing.

I decided early in the morning I was going shopping because I was tired of sitting around bored and the house desperately needed a few things.

I left as soon as I was finished cleaning for the morning and went straight to the nearest supermarket.

I had to admit I was glad I did because I finally felt free again to think coherently and without looking over my shoulder.

My shopping cart stopped when I made it up to the cashier, a thin dark haired girl that reminded me of myself as a teenager.

She checked my groceries and I swiped my card across the machine while she watched me.

"You're very pretty." Her sudden remark caught me off guard but I smiled at her appreciatively.

"Thank you."

"You're married."

"How did you know?"

"Your ring."


I gazed at my wedding band, a perfect mixture of gold and silver with a beautiful diamond in the center. I had to admit, even though I had disliked wearing it on my finger, it was beautiful.

"Your husband must be very happy to have you." she smiled curiously while another girl bagged my groceries.

I could understand her curiosity with me because it wasn't everyday she'd see a bride as young as I was.

I gave her a court nod and took my bags but I looked back at myself and paused.

Your husband must be very happy to have you.

An idea came to mind and I walked briskly to leave the supermarket and return home.


The pots on the stove bubbled rhythmically as delicious smells filled the room.

I stirred the food bubbling up in the pot before replacing the lid on it and turning off the flame.

I smiled, popping a little of the hot food in my mouth after cooling it and removing the pot from the stove.

I was making one of my best dishes for Kerrick, it took me nearly all day but the end product was worth it.

I didn't give Kerrick a chance to appreciate what I could do because he wasn't aware of it. I wasn't planning on winning his heart or changing his personality towards me but I wanted him to at least give me props and respect. I wanted him to be at least proud to have me.

I took out a scoop of steaming hot food and blew on it gently, curls of heat lifting from the ladle.


The front door cracked open like a clash of thunder and Kerrick barged into the room.

I went up to him smiling and holding out the ladle of food to him.

"Taste this, I made it for you."

He slapped the spoon out of my hand and it fell to the floor with a thud, food spilling on the carpet.

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