Trent x crazy! reader ((EDITED))

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~Warning swearing and bad spelling, ok so this story was a request from IIMarilynMansonII thanx for requesting!!, ok in this story, the reader is like Harley Quinn, crazy and madly in love sort of like a yandere! REQUESTS ARE ALWAYS OPEN!! ~Nightmare💜💜

~Your POV~

I love Trent but.....he can't accept the fact that I like I kill any girl that talks to him, flirt with him or touch him.. so today I was walking down the halls of school when I see my love...and a girl...she was touching him.....she must die...

I walked up to them with a smile on my face, "hey guys!!" I said happily, the girl looked shocked and nervous, the bell when and everyone started to go to class, aren't chuckle and walked off

"bye trent....and hello," I said making the girl about to run but I grabbed her wrist and pulled her into the bathroom.

I shoved her into a toilet stall and "have mercy.." she said

"I had mercy until you called and touching my love," I said before grabbed the knife from my bag and slitting her throat, I walk out of the bathroom happy again.

While walking down the hall I hear girls voices, "Omg trend is so hot!!"

"I know right," I said walking behind them, their faces were in pure shock, I grabbed my new blood-covered knife and stabbed them both in the chest.

I put my knife back in my bag and skipped back to class happily, I walk into class, the teacher ignores me and continues teaching and I sit next to my love, "hello my love" I said

"(y/n)...your love scares me sometimes" he said looking at me, my heart breaks.

"But Trent, I love you so much that I kill for you.." I said, a girl winked at Trent, I quickly grabbed a throwing knife and throw the knife straight into her eye, everyone screamed in horror and ran out the classroom.

Trent stared at me and I pointed a knife at his throat and he didn't flinches, "my love scares you but a knife doesn't?" He chuckled. I heard the police coming through the doors, I was in tears.

"Police hands on the ground!!" I didn't listen, a policewoman put their hands on Trent to get him away from me and I throw the knife straight into her heart. She died on the spot, policemen handcuffed me "you are going to rehab to cure your craziness and I'll be there for a while" he said, Trent looked at the officers with wide eyes.

I struggled to get to Trent by the officers were stronger than me, tears still falling, he tried to grab me but.....there shoved me into a police van...

~2 years later~

I now sit on the cold concrete room surrounded by metal bars, there were a bed and toilet, my cell is monitored by guards... I've killed many people in 2 years, I've tried to escape multiple times... I've given up hope for my love to come...

Until was a normal day in rehab, eat crappy food, does nothing, sleeps for awhile repeat, but it changed when a loud explosion erupted near my cell, gun shots showered over my cell killing guards that are rushing to kill the people...

After the guards stopped showing up, a people opened my cell door and came in, it took from there mask, it was.... Trent, I ran to him and hugged him, "I'm so sorry (y/n) that I didn't come up earlier is was hard to find what rehab you were at" he said blushing.

I grabbed his face and kissed him, he kissed back, after a while, we heard the police siren, "come on babe" Trent said, holding out his hand, I took it and we ran away together hand in hand...

'There became the king and queen of Gotham city and god helps anyone who disrespected the queen' ~ suicide squad quote.

~Soz if it sucks, I based it on suicide squad sooo all rights go to the creators and stuff!

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