Chapter 14

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When she woke in the morning, tangled up in the sheets of her bed it took her a moment to realize she wasn't alone. The other side of the bed was occupied by a very naked and heavily asleep Alex, who snored softly and laid on his stomach with his arms wrapped around the pillow beneath his head. He looked terribly comfortable and she sat up, holding the sheet over her own bare body and staring at him as she rested her back against the iron head board.

The events of the night before came back to her in detail as she rubbed her sleepy eyes. They had all piled into Matt the drummers tiny little car and rode off after the gig was finally done and the equipment packed away. She sat on Alex's lap, his guitar case awkwardly positioned between her knees, her arm around his neck. It was the only way she could sit without leaning on the door too much. She was concerned about his legs being crushed under her weight, for she was not skinny and Alex wasn't exactly a big guy. At the moment however, as his arms snaked around her waist and held her tightly to keep her from bouncing around too much, she noticed that he did have some muscle, she supposed that was from lugging guitars around all the time.

"You alright?"

She smiled down at him and nodded.

"What about you? Can you still feel your legs?"

He chuckled and responded with the utmost sincerity in his voice.

"You're light as a feather Darling."

She beamed at him and would have kissed him too if she didn't remember at the last second that she wasn't supposed to. He had been so sweet all night and caring;it was a stark contrast to the way Liam had treated her.

"Thanks, for everything; I don't know what I'd have done if you didn't help me tonight."

"You aren't going anywhere with that scumbag again, do you understand? That is unless you'd like to see me pretend to be a tough guy and probably get my ass kicked."

She scrunched up her nose in disbelief and smiled.

"You wouldn't get your ass kicked."

"I might."

His fingers brushed her thigh a bit before pulling the hem of her dress down, she watched his face as he did it, and the way his eyes followed the fabric instead of gazing at her skin. It was the way it always was with Alex; the signals were mixed. He seemed nice and sweet, but she'd seen him and heard him with enough different women -sometimes more than one in a night, sometimes more than one at a time,- on more than enough occasions to know that he wasn't all chivalry and manners. But more than that she was just confused by his actions towards her; one minute he seemed to like her, the next he was treating her like a kid sister. She didn't really care what he did with other women, he was more than free to do whatever he wanted, she just wanted to know for sure what he thought of her.

And this was the thought in her mind as she hobbled up the steps of their building, and leaned on him for support. Once inside Alex noticed the weary look on her face at the sight of the flights of stairs they would have to climb to their floor. He handed her his guitar and lifted her into his arms. She placed an arm around his shoulders and he climbed the flights without a word of complaint or even a heavy breath. He held her as she unlocked her door, and carried her through her dark apartment. She sat his guitar case on the floor in the hall as he followed her directions to get to her bedroom.

A street light filled the small room with a dark orange glow, and once he laid her on the bed she turned on her bedside lamp and he kneeled before her, removing her shoes, then examining her ankle. It was obviously swollen and she flinched as he applied the smallest bit of pressure to it.

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