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Hindi serial can go to any extent to elongate the serial. Like literally, any extent!

Okay, so there are 2 examples from serials I saw.

One is "Kumkum Bhagya".

Everything is so messed up in this serial but I am not gonna go deep into details because it will need one whole book to explain the situation. So, currently, the main guy just got symptoms of love that is seeing the girl in every person.

Like at first, he saw his cook and saw Pragya (that girl) and danced with him and when he was going to kiss, he realized it was the cook. And then he thought the villain girl was Pragya and danced with her too and I don't know how but he realized it was the villain. And then he goes to garden and see the driver and sees Pragya again and then danced with him too and then when he was about to kiss, he came to know it was the driver. And then again, he went to his grand mother to discuss what was happening with him and guess what? He thought that was Pragya again. And dance with her and was about to kiss when he got slap and came to know it was his grandma.

What the actual fuck is this?

And guess how much time went on this scene?

Almost one whole episode, plus half of the episode in previous day was all about this. Isn't this so stupid? Like that's not called love, that says you need to go to mental hospital. Love does not just happen like that! May be you think about someone you love most of the time but if your imagination is running wild, that crossed away love and its mental sickness. Just go see a doctor!

That scene itself was stupid, and then it took like one and half episode for this stupidity.

And now moving on to second one, I think the title is something like "Ek Singar Swabiman" (I'm not sure for spelling and I ain't gonna google okay)

And in this, there was a scene where the innocent girl goes to ask about why her husband's medicine date is outdated to the woman who is responsible for the medicine who is actually the villain. And she shouts for every single family member to come down and says that the girl accused her for not taking care about the medicine and that she cant live in the house because she felt so insulted so about to leave the house. And the family members shouts at the innocent girl.

That's it. That's what happened in one single episode.

I don't know if this sounds normal to you guys, but I found this story too short to be in one episode. And if you know, most of the serial goes on with DHUMTANA DHUMTANA DHERENA DHERENA something like that.

And you know what? I have once seen an award function that gives for longest serial or something like that like if they cross 2000 episodes I guess. And they get respect for doing such long serials.

Like what the fuck!? Respect? For what? DHUMTANANA?

I seriously think elongating a serial this way and try to elaborate the serial more than necessary is plain stupid, let alone respect!!

What do you think? Do they actually deserve respect? They don't deserve shit! -_-

Actually, I think the actors should be getting respect for keeping up with serials like this. It's the script writers and editorial department who doesn't deserve it. 

So, thanks for reading another chapter of nonsense rants. Please give some ideas for this book!!

Until we meet next time :)

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