Chapter XXIII

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Dear Alice,

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Dear Alice,

The day you were born your father sent me the news right before sunrise it was a beautiful July morning but stubborn as I was did not go see you and when I did you were already five years old. You were dressed poorly holding my only son's hand and I afraid to be the talk of the town hid around the street corners until he dropped you off at a school for girls. You were so quiet you barely looked like a child, your eyes scanned the place and when you saw me you stared, I still do not know how you recognized me but you did. When I approached you and told you I was Sir Paul Stewart your grandfather without hesitation you took my hand and said "you must tell my parents they will be happy to know I found you." I refused it, told you I would come by another day but the day never came now too much time went by and it was too late to start over. So I ask you for one thing, forgiveness, I ask this for you because you were the most tarnished with my decision. And with this apology I leave in your brother's name whom I know you are very attached to, everything I own with the condition that as long as you both are unmarried you will have full control of the inheritance. Then whoever marries must take care of the other financially and I believe in you and your capability of handling my legacy with the care you have handled your other jobs. At last like every man I have been given the mercy to say my last words and if I were to get a last wish I would ask you to perfect yourself in the ways of this family. Please make the Stewart name proud like I fear I was not able to do my dearest granddaughter Alice and now heir to the Stewart title and inheritance with your brother Daniel.

With honest affections,

Your grandfather Sir Paul Hall.

"Forgive me Mr. Lawdon I... Well what exactly does this mean?"

"You are a young heiress Miss Alice Stewart," Mr. Lawdon assured I was seeing the future right.

This letter did not make me keen as one might presume it left me speechless, I did not take well to change there was always this fear that something else had to go wrong once one thing went right. But either way God had answered my prayers, and he had seen the struggle I was in at Stanley Hall and provided the biggest door of opportunity for my family. Without their well-being resting on my mother's ability to work and my wages I was free, in a way since everything I had been doing was for them. This also meant I was no longer dependent on Mr. Howard's recommendation for my job in London, actually it meant I needed no job at all. It was a pity after the hours I had put into learning how to be a lady's maid I would have to put it away so that I may become a lady myself, not work for one.

"Are you alright?" Daniel asked.

"Yes quite alright," and then I saw the casket one lonely man, that lonely body who was once my grandfather died with none of us around to send him off.

"I never knew we had a grandfather," Daniel sat by me and I hugged him.

"Well he was a proud man," I sighed if my grandfather would have only given us the chance to meet him our lives would have been so different, he would not have died alone or maybe at all.

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