Chapter XVII

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"Sir please stop," I asked with closed eyes hoping the master had his self-control to diverge his hands from my face, his lips from mine

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"Sir please stop," I asked with closed eyes hoping the master had his self-control to diverge his hands from my face, his lips from mine.

"I cannot," he answered not holding back his kisses I finally opened my eyes, this was happening, it was real, it was no longer a dream though the night tried to trick me.

"You must Mr. Howard!" I took his fingers off me then pushed his chest away covering myself.

"Alice do not be angry," he bowed his head in frustration and did not look in my eyes.

"But I am, you should have stopped and I..." I wanted to blame him for everything but it was simply not true. "I should not have let you draw me sir this is all my fault," I frantically put the robe on top of my nightgown where it belonged.

"No this is my fault, you were there, within my reach and I could not keep away from you any longer."

"Yes you could have, we have our free will do we not?"

"No I do not, you have enslaved me."

"I have not!"

"You have, can you not see it, are you blind?"

"I am not blind!"

"Then you see how mad you drive me!"

"Me?" His words upset me.

"Yes you, or why would you insist in not noticing my inclination towards you?"

"Sir may I leave you?" I said like a servant not like the girl he had just kissed, his inclination meant nothing, if a girl was to stop for every man
who showed interest in her she might as well make a living of heartbreaks.

"No you may not."

"I must," I hardened myself against his stubborn words meant to lead my feelings on only for his advantage.

"Then promise me you will not find another employer because of what I have done." He held my hands not knowing it was too late, I was already in search of something far away from Stanley Hall.

"I wish to sleep sir," I said with my head raised making no eye contact while my legs shook under my nightgown, it did not suit me to lie.

"Then promise me Alice!" His words came out through his teeth.

"I cannot promise you anything sir," I took my hands away.

"I will not let you walk out until you do!"

"Mr. Howard," I tried walking out on him and he stopped me with his body.

"If you do not stay here I will find a way to make you," he threatened me and I wished to run away from the same man who had minutes ago showed me affection.

"How? You may be rich but you are not the king of the world Mr. Howard even your reach has its limits now let me go."

"I will not," I should not have said anything because he crushed a kiss against my lips and I shoved him off before running up to my room where I locked the door holding the letter to Adelia safe in my hands.

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