Chapter 27

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Su Ren's heart jumped to his throat. Su Ling's unusual appearance made Su Ren feel uneasy. Walking towards Su Ling, Su Ren asked, "Big Brother?"

As if hearing nothing, Su Ling didn't reply. Su Ren's heart sunk, did Qing Mo really have an accident (died)?!

Su Ren walked towards the building. Lou Xi Yan was exiting the building. He still looked polished but couldn't conceal the visible tiredness on his face. Su Ren quickly approached him and asked, "Prime Minister Lou, Qing Mo?"

Lou Xi Yan slightly shook his head and answered, "She is still being treated."

If she was still being treated, then it meant she was still alive! Su Ren took a deep breath and looked at Su Ling. He sighed; his big brother worried about Qing Mo too much. Qing Mo was still alive, how could he behave like this! Su Ren wanted to go and persuade Su Ling, but a hand stopped him. Lou Xi Yan said, "Let it go. Don't disturb him." Su Ren didn't see Qing Mo's condition last night. He also didn't witness her being stabbed, so he wouldn't understand Su Ling's feeling.

Glancing at Su Ling once again, Su Ren nodded and didn't go there.

The two men stood outside of the door, not entering the building but also not leaving. They could only hope that time would pass by quicker.

Under Dan Yu Lan's order, Cheng Hang came to inquire about Qing Mo's conditions. However, when he entered the courtyard, he felt the abnormal atmosphere. He also saw Su Ling, who was leaning on the fake mountain. He couldn't help but curse silently. Just a night could make General Su look like this. Did Qing Mo...

Jogging to Lou Xi Yan's side, Cheng Hang whispered, "Prime Minister Lou, did Miss Qing..."

He hadn't finished his question when Lou Xi Yan quickly responded, "Still being treated."

"Then, it is good." Cheng Hang patted his chest. Earlier, his heart had almost come out.

Squinting his eyes, Lou Xi Yan saw a familiar figure standing outside of the courtyard's gate. It was... Ao Tian! The tall figure stood there silently, without the usual arrogance, as if he were a prisoner waiting for his sentence.

Su Ren also noticed Ao Tian. With a dark expression, he asked, "Was the person caught?"

Cheng Hang excitedly nodded and replied, "None of them were able to escape! Ye Mei was also rescued." Following Qing Mo's strategy, they successfully surrounded Ao Jie's den last night. The battle was too elegant. It made Cheng Hang admire Qing Mo more and naturally, not want her to get into trouble (sick or dead).

Su Ren sighed disapprovingly. As a military man, he couldn't agree on this method which relied on a woman being killed to arrest people!

Cheng Hang didn't understand the sudden change in Su Ren's expression. His eyes once again looked at Su Ling and he asked, "What happened to General Su? Isn't Miss Qing still being treated?"

No one answered his question. Lou Xi Yan simply stated, "Let's wait."

The entire courtyard once again fell into silence. The sounds of birds and insects at this moment made one feel restless. Cheng Hang was sitting beside the door when the inner room's door finally opened.

"She finally comes out!" Cheng Hang who was sitting next to the door looked at Zhuo Qing. Her complexion was poor and she looked really tired. It seemed like she didn't even have the energy to walk. Lou Xi Yan quickly embraced her. Zhuo Qing shook her head and told him, "I am okay."

Lou Xi Yan helped Zhuo Qing walk to the courtyard. Su Ling's stiff body slowly stood up. His eyes didn't leave her. The lone figure outside the courtyard also instantly locked his gaze on her.

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