2 - Pathetic Excuses and Caring Friends

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The brunette was left with her thoughts, hoping she made the right decision. Austin seemed so sincere in his apology and promises that she remained hopeful rather than pessimistic about this situation. Little did she know, a certain brunette girl saw the entire altercation between her and Austin from across the quad and was brewing up a rage storm inside as she watched the pair. During her walk Lauren managed to meander over towards the quad, even though it wasn't in her original intentions, something just willed her to walk that direction. She didn't need to know what had been said, but could tell that the girl took that dumb idiot back and it infuriated her. Camila is just letting herself get trampled on over and over again by someone who doesn't even have an ounce of decency to treat an amazing woman like her with the respect she deserves.

Lauren has class in a couple hours and knows she should check out a book for it from the library, but it just so happens to be the building directly behind where Camila is sitting. She quickly mulls over the actual need for the book in hopes to avoid Camila and any interaction with her. With the rage storm threatening to burst out any moment, it wouldn't be a good idea to talk to the brunette right now. Knowing she can't go another day without checking out the book and that there's no way to avoid the brunette, she takes a breath and ducks her head before setting off in the direction of the library with hopes that Camila is too engrossed with her thoughts to even notice the brunette.

As she nears the brunette she couldn't help but mumble a curse as she noticed Camila look up from her lap and directly at her. "Lauren!" The brunette looked up and smiled at the beaming girl even though she'd rather slink away to a dark hole. Her legs automatically walked her towards to brunette despite her brains protests. It seems as though her whole body can't seem to help itself around Camila Cabello, but really, who could resist the gorgeous brunette?

"Hey!" The brunette girl exclaimed. Lauren gave a meek smile and responded less excitably, "Hey, Camz." The other girl was buzzing with too much excitement to notice the somber tone of the other girl. Her sudden excitement, of course, was partially due to the brunette next to her and partially due to her anticipation of change in her relationship with Austin. Camila seemed to go in her own little world for a second and the brunette took the opportunity to take a good look at the girl. She's wearing skinny jeans with knee high brown boots and a navy blue shirt with a plunging neckline. Lauren got caught up in looking at her. She's so gorgeous, I bet Austin didn't even think about that when he was sitting here. I mean that shirt looks really good on her... Oh she's moving OH! Hellooooo boobs. Oh God, Jauregui stop being such a perv. The brunette shook her head but continued to look at the brunette, her hair was swept over one shoulder, revealing her wonderful neck. Mmmm... Oh my God! What am I even doing? When did I start perving out? Ugh... Lauren started finding her fingers fascinating in order to stop her staring at the brunette.

In spite of her obvious excitement, Camila wonders if Austin will actually change and is also apprehensive about telling anyone about his promises. All of her friends have taken a great disliking to him, which she can understand but at the same time thinks they never really gave him a chance to prove himself. He can be really sweet and endearing when it's the two of them, but no one ever sees that side of him. Then there's Lauren... She's sweet, loving, certified badass, and has this irrefutable confident swagger about her. All of those put together seem to be contradictory, but the girl shows every side of her at the right moments. There's always been something about Lauren that causes the brunette to gravitate towards her, like a strong magnetic force. Camila's never been able to figure out this pull except for the fact the two became really fast friends and she never looked back. Back to Austin. She loves Austin, she really does and she's been with him for a year, but there's been something in the back of her mind since the beginning of the school year that something between her and Austin is different, off in way.

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