Chapter 60

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Next Morning

(Tay Pov)

Ive Been Asleep For Hours Now. But At This Moment My Eyes Was Just Shut But I Wasn’t Asleep. So I Was Feeling Everything. Like For Example Gemini’s Hands And The Fact He Was Running His Hand Through My Hair And He Was Stroking Me Face.

"Babe You Sleep?" I Heard Gemini Ask.

"Mmm-Hmmm" I Said.

"No Your Not?" He Said.

"Mmm-Hmmm" I Said.

I Was Tired And Exhausted. I Was Actually Trying To Go back To Sleep. When I Was Younger And Couldn’t Sleep My Dad Would Tell Me Close Your Eyes You’ll Sleep. Anyways Last Night Gemini Wared Me Out. Like No Joke. He Wouldn’t Give Me A Break. He Missed Me That Much. If I Wasn’t Pregnant Well I Definitely Was Now. Yeah Im Pregnant You Guys. Im A Good 4 Weeks.

"I Gotta Talk To You" Gemini Said.

I Could’ve Sworn I Said I Was Sleep. I Mean I Said Mmm-Hmmm.

"Later…" I Said. "But Massage Me" I Said As I Turned On My Stomach With My Eyes Still Close.

"Massage?" Gemini Said.

"Yes Babe" I Said.

Gemini Began Giving Me A Nice Massage. I Mean It Felt Super Good. I Don’t Know If It Was Because Of His Hands That Was Touching Me Or If It Was Him That Was That Skilled. Anyways He Went From Giving Me A Regular Massage To Feeling On My Ass. His Hands Went From My Shoulders, Down My Back Then To My Arch Then Finally My Ass. He Squeezed And Rubbed On It And Squeezed Some More. I Only Had On A Bra And Tommy Boy Shorts. So Gem Had Full Access.

"Gem Stop Being Nasty" I Said.

"Stop My Love For You" He Said.

I Rolled Over With A Smile On My Face And Laid My Head On His Chest And My Hand Across. Gemini Wrapped His Arms Around Me And Kissed My Forehead.

"Baby" Gemini Called After A While Of Silence.

"Yeah" I Said.

"I Never Apologized For What Happened Between Us" He Said.

"Its Okay" I Said.

"No Its Not" He Said. "I Over Reacted At The Thought Of You Being Pregnant And That Wasn’t Right" He Told Me.

"But…" I Started To Say But He Cut Me Off.

"But Nothing Tay… The Truth Is I Was Just Scared… Well Still Is A Little" He Said.

"I Got The Idea You Were" I Told Him. "But Why Though?" I Asked.

"Because I Don’t Know Nothing About Babies…"  He Said.

"And?" I Said.

"And I Didn’t Raise Ty And King From The Beginning… I Don’t Know If Im Gonna Be The Best Father" He Said.

"You Are Gemini…" I Told Him. I Moved From His Arms And Sat Down In A Criss Cross Apple Sauce Position. "And You Are Gonna Be" I Said.

"Gonna Be?" Gemini Asked As He looked Up At Me.

"Yeah Gonna Be" I Said As I Placed My Hand On My Stomach. "Im Not Big Yet… Im Only 4 Weeks" I Told Him.

A Smile Grew On Gemini’s Face. It Was A Big Smile And Then He Pulled Me Into A Huge Hug Then He Kissed Me All Over.

"When Did You Find Out?" He Asked Me.

I Was Back In My Criss Cross Formation And He Had His Legs Out Stretched And I Was Between Them.

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