Chapter Thirteen.

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"Almost there." Lance tells us as we pass through a set of double doors and up a ramp to the housing area.

The corridors are long and dark, nothing special down this way, much like over in West Wing. Stone walls and floor lie ahead of us only interrupted by wooden doors every few feet. Lance walks ahead of Fallon and I and stops in front of a door near the end of the hall, no number or any other marking on the door to differentiate it from any of the others in the rows.

He unlocks the door and pushes it open, stepping in and walking over to the center of the small room to pull the little chain attached to the overhead light that was barely more than a stray lightbulb hanging from the low ceilings.

"Our rooms in West Wing are nicer than this." Fallon mutters to herself as she takes in the small space.

There's an old wooden desk in one corner, a full sized bed against the far wall, and a tiny bathroom in the back. Nothing but plain stone walls and rough planked wood for flooring. Ours are much nicer, but from what I've heard you have to have a pretty good amount of money to get into the human program for classes so I guess that would make sense.

Apparently Weston Malfly was even lower classed than a human here.

Lance looks over at me, raising a brow. "So, what do you think we should do?" He asks and all I can do is shrug, my head still bothered from the sight of the slave keeps and Dalton being there.

I glance around the room, looking for anything that even seemed the least bit personal, but the few things in the room were standard and I had a feeling this was going to be a wasted trip.

Feeling a little foolish I walk over to the wall and press my palm against the cool stone, running my hand along it for a minute before sighing. "Maybe this was a bad idea." I shake my head. Something about the room was giving me the creeps anyway, and I had little faith in my ability to purposely trigger a vision. "We should just go."

Fallon puts her hand on my shoulder and gives me a weak smile. "Are you ok, Rose?" She asks. "I know that was...hard to see." She mumbles, her own voice sounding a little troubled by it.

"I just can't believe that's how some people are forced to live." I say barely above a whisper. Fallon looks sympathetic as she pats my back. "I don't see how anyone can do that to someone else. At some point or another, all of you have been human before. I don't understand just turning your back on them. We need them to survive, sure, but not like that. That's just...cruel." A chill runs up my spine and I go towards the door, trying to push the image of Dalton with that poor thin blonde girl out of my head. How can Eyan be ok with it? Or does she even know? If she's human and stays in West Wing, it's possible she doesn't know what her boyfriend is capable of, but knowing what a jerk he is I find it hard to believe he could hide it.

"Wait." Lance calls me back, taking my hand and pulling me over to the bed. "Don't give up yet. Just try a little more and if you still don't get anything I will take you straight back to your room."

"Good, because I really feel like laying down." I nod.

I reach out and run my hand over the scratchy blankets, really trying to focus on finding out anything about him or where he is now. I walk all over the room. I sit at the desk, I touch the counter in the bathroom, I hold the bed post, but nothing works.

Getting frustrated I go to leave the room again, but a little tingle in the back of my mind whispers for me to look under the bed.

I don't know whether or be afraid, or intrigued. Nothing like that has happened to me before. A hunch, yeah, but never a full out sign in my mind.

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