Chapter 46 - Teleportation

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"Can we go through this plan again just so we're one hundred percent sure?" An agent asked for the fifth time in the past three hours, the rest of the group groaning loudly as Alex pinched the bridge of his nose

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"Can we go through this plan again just so we're one hundred percent sure?" An agent asked for the fifth time in the past three hours, the rest of the group groaning loudly as Alex pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Alright, I'll explain," I spoke to up before Alex could say anything offensive. "We go into the warehouse, guarded by you guys." I started, pointing to the agents already geared up. "We don't know when or how the Shadow will strike but we've got to be ready. If it's a portal to their world, they'll know about it."
"So, who's going in the portal exactly?" Another agent asked, which was something that we hadn't actually planned yet.
"Well, with Christina's power, only four can get through, including myself and Chris." Alex answered.
"I'll go in, too." Steve said without hesitation. "Wherever she goes, I go."
"Then I'll be the fourth." Natasha spoke after him, also without hesitation. Everyone looked at me as if for confirmation and at first I was about to ask why until I remembered I was leading this thing.
"I don't see a problem." I clarified with raised shoulders and the shake of my head. "That's perfectly fine."
"And what about me and Bruce?" Tony asked, nodding his slightly.
"We'd just need you to guard the portal on earth's end. Just in case there's an attack." Alex explained, Tony and Bruce nodding their hands in understanding.

"Is that alright with you guys?" I asked them, just to be sure. I was met with nods of agreement and then Tony clapped his hands together and pointed to his watch.

"Okay, people, we're rolling out in five!" He called out and suddenly the quiet room was filled with the hustle and bustle of people getting themselves geared up and their weapons ready.

I couldn't say that I wasn't scared because I was. I had to grip the table to stop anyone from seeing how badly my hands were shaking.

"Hey," Alex sounded by my side, taking one of my hands into his. "You're going to be just fine. You're a queen, remember?"
"That's what scares me, Alex. What if we arrive to nothingness? What if it's a trap? And if it's not, what if I can't live up their expectations of queen?" I rose my brows at him, knowing that at the moment, only he could see me weak.
"We just have to cross that bridge when we get there but for now, we should focus on getting there." He offered a soft smile and playfully punched me in the arm. "You're going to be just fine, your highness."
"Please don't call me that." I scrunched my nose up jokingly, shaking my head. "I don't like it. Too formal."
"You're going to have to get used to it because that's what you're going home to, your highness." He joked lightly before tapping my arm. "Better get ready."

I was handed my utility belt back and my other belongings from Bucky's penthouse, and decided I'd quickly change into something more badass considering I didn't really have a uniform. I went with wearing all black, except for the red blouse I put on under my leather jacket that had an open back in case I need to use my wings. I was also handed my bow and arrows, which I cradled in my lap during the whole car journey to the warehouse. This was mainly because I was sandwiched between Clint and Steve, both of whom had nothing to say to me. Not that I was that bothered, I mean, I was incredibly pissed at each of them.

And then the journey into the building was just as quiet as we let the agents go in first to scan the area then we followed after. I found myself in front of the wallpaper again, my hands brushing over the edges. I looked down at my necklace to see that it was glowing dimly, it's light pulsating​.

"It's time, Christina." Alex spoke softly, now stood beside me and looking at the wallpaper as well. "Let's get this over and done with."

I nodded and we both started to peel away at the wallpaper to reveal the door, and there was a moment's pause as everyone took in the intricately designed door, with all sorts of carvings of flowers and swirls that seemed far too complex to be human.

I let my hand graze of the designs and then stopped over a circular indentation right in the centre of the door. Putting two and two together, I took off me necklace and inserted the gem into the indent, waiting a moment. When nothing happened, I furrowed my brows and took a step back, turning my head to look at Alex. He rose his brow with a knowing smile and held a finger up to get to wait. I pouted and looked at the door again, my patience suddenly wearing thin. It wasn't long until there was a loud 'clunk' and the patterns on the door around the gem started to move like a scene out of Harry Potter.

I could hear the agents behind us whisper and and gasp in awe as the door pushed inwards and then slid to the side, revealing what looked like a large opening in the ground that it had been hiding. A few seconds after the big revelation, a bright light shone through, causing me to cover my eyes in a bid to protect my eyesight until I adjusted.

"Now what?" Steve's voice sounded shortly after everyone gathered around the light like children looking at a new toy in the playground.
"Now, we hold hands and jump." Alex answered with a wide grin, looking at us like we definitely weren't ready to jump and take his head off.
"Hold hands?" I asked with raised brows. "We're not five."
"That's the only way for all of us to land in the same place. I've been there, you three have not. I know what the place looks like so I'm your ticket home." He explained, extending a hand to me. "It's this or you're waiting for the Shadow to throw your agents and your people at your doorstep one by one."

I scowled and huffed, taking his hand reluctantly before holding out my hand to the person beside me. Steve.

"Come on, time is of the essence." I told him when he didn't take my hand, wriggling my fingers. He simply looked at me with a deadpanned expression then took my hand before taking Nat's.

"Now, whatever you do, don't let go of one another until you see a opening. Okay? It's going to be easy." Alex warned us but before we could ask what he meant or why he instructed us to do so, he stepped forward quickly, pulling me and the others along before shouting. "GERONIMO!" then he jumped.

I'd like to say that the journey was like a rollercoaster ride, however it was anything but. I was pulled in straight after him and I felt like I was being ripped apart and squeezed together all at the same time. It didn't help that everything was moving so fast and everything was so bright.

Until it wasn't.

An opening, he said. Don't let go, he said. It'll be easy, he said.

And yet, I was trapped in a darkness where movement was nonexistent and I was alone.

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