'In the end, we only regret the chances we didn't take.'


--When School Finishes--

"I guess I'll see you when I see you." I hug my friends goodbye, my eyes tear as I slowly wave. It will not be the last time I see them, I guarantee it,

"Stay safe, yeah?" Pandora runs after me, crying her poor heart out,

"I will. I'm gonna miss you..." I hug her again, leaving tear marks on her shirt,

"You too." We pull away from the hug and I make my way out side of the building with Maddox by my side,

"I'm gonna miss this hell hole." I laugh, Maddox wraps an arm around me,

"I'm not." He disagrees, chuckling in the process.

We walk to Maddox's car; hop in and instantly turn the radio on.

We drive back to out house in a matter of minutes due to the lack of traffic. Which was strangely weird for California.

I enter the house and run up the stairs, getting ready to pack my belongings. I know; I've left it to the last minute. I'm always like this.

--After Packing--

"MADDOX... CLEMENTINE... WE ARE LEAVING IN AN HOUR!" my 'dad' shouts from the bottom of the stairs,

"OKAY!" I reply. My room looks bare: not pictures on the wall, my bed sheets torn off my bed and my wardrobe empty. The moving van will be coming tomorrow to collect our bigger items. However, for now, I've only packed what's necessary and needed collectibles.

I make my way over to Maddox's room, I carefully enter and look around his room. He's nowhere to be seen and he definitely didn't go downstairs otherwise I would've heard the creaking of the wooden case and banister. My phone buzzes in my pocket, I reach in and grasp it. I look at the lock screen and read the messages.


- Maddox xD

M - I'm going out for a bit. Don't tell Mum and Dad, I'm going out with Ariana because I want to say goodbye to her ;)

M - Cover for me, I'm trusting you Clem.


"For God's sake." I sigh, leading myself back to my room. I sit down on my bed and bury my head into my hands.

My body jolts as I hear yelling from outside, it was constantly calling my name. I run up to my window, unlocking it and opening it. My eyes widen as I realize Caleb is shouting me, "Thank God!" he sighs in relief,

"What's up?" I lean on my windowsill,

"I want to speak to you!" he studies my face as I smile brightly,

"I can't... I'm so sorry Caleb." my smile fades into a frown,

"Just hear me out, yeah?"

"Caleb, I'm meant to be going in a bit."

"Then let me show you."

'How is he meant to get up here?' I think, "You can use Maddox's window?"

"On it."

I run through to my bro's room and wait for Caleb to finish climbing up, he climbs through the opened window, "What's u--"

His lips pressed against mine, he lead my body backwards until my legs touched the bed; we collapsed down...

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