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Be your number one...

Be your number one

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Ana kicked the sand that was underneath her boots, her hood had been pulled over her head due to the rain and her red sweater was wrapped tightly against her skin. The sound of waves and laughter filled the air while the smell of sea salt had filled her senses.  Her head was hung low as her hands dug themselves deeper into her pockets, it had been days since she last spoke to Jasper. If he really doesn't want to be my friend then why should I care? She thought. 

Anastasia fell back into the sand as her body had collided with another. "I'm so sorry." She spoke as a hand held itself out for her to grab. Shifting her head up her eyes met brown ones. "It's okay, need a hand?" He asked as Ana nodded eagerly and took the boy's hand. With a quick jerk she was up. 

"My name is Paul, Paul Lahote, haven't seen you around here before." He stated and removed his hand from hers after shaking it softly, Ana tucked a piece of hair behind her ear.  Their eyes met, unlike before when he was looking away, heat rose to his cheeks and his eyes widened. "Anastasia Kendrick, but please, call me Ana." Paul nodded as a faint smile painted across his lips.

"Okay, Ana. Might I say you, you are the most beautiful person I have ever seen." Paul said as his eyes looked her up and down, Anastasia had a slight blush run across her cheeks at his compliment. She felt the smallest of a pull towards the boy, but nothing compared to Jasper.

"Thank you, Paul." She chuckled lightly, Paul licked his lips and ran a hand through his jet black hair. A sigh left his lips but a smile replaced his uneasiness. "Listen, I got to run." He started as he wrote something down on paper. "but here is my number. I really hope to see you again." The boy handed her the piece of paper with a number on and ran down the beach with nothing on but jean shorts.

Ana stood looking at the paper, the number was written down messily. It wouldn't be true to say she wasn't the slightest bit attracted to him, but something about him set something off inside her. Uneasiness, anxiousness, confusion and happiness. The emotions she felt moments ago were similar to the ones she felt when the blonde had first handed her a pen.

It was all too convenient. As the seconds went by little drops of rain had descended onto La Push beach. Shaking her head the brunette ran across the beach and back to her car. As she got to the car, she opened the door and met eyes with Paul and some other man.

The man looked older but similar to Paul, they both had jet black hair and brown eyes. Though the two looked similar, they could not have looked more unalike. Ana gave a grin as Paul looked at the girl in awe and gave her a small wave as his jaw literally dropped.  The man beside him gave a small smile then nudged the boy beside him as they ran off. Anastasia got into her car and pulled away, heading for home as Rowen would be expecting her anytime now.


Anastasia walked over to the table with Bella by her side, the group at the table looked up and gave a smile; except Jessica who was staring at Mike. "La Push, you in?" Eric asked the two, Ana nodded with a smile and turned to Bella. "Should I know what that means?" She chuckled.

"La Push beach down the Quileute Reservation." Ana spoke as she ran a frail hand through her hair. Bella nodded as she licked her lips. "La Push, baby, so you in?" Eric blew a kiss. 

"I'll come if you stop saying it like that." Bella laughed as the group joined in, Ana gave a small smile and walked towards the salad bar as she picked up and apple, Bella was on the opposite side who had started conversation with none other than Edward Cullen. Ana couldn't help but think how convenient it would be if Jasper suddenly appeared.

"Anastasia." A low southern voice spoke from behind her. Turning on her heel Ana looked up, in front of her was her former friend, Jasper Hale. "Jasper." She spoke with a sickly sweet smile. The boy looked over to Edward then back at Ana.

"Look I'm sorry that we can't be friends, it's not that I don't want to. Sorry I can't be your number one friend here." Ana rolled her eyes at this but sighed quietly as she thought of something to say, a hand ran through her hair as she blinked slow. 

"You never were, Jasper. But why can't we?" She asked as she met his eye. The feeling went off again; the feeling of wanting to be close to him, so close it was just skin-on-skin. But something told her the feeling would be so much different than she had hoped. 

"Because I - I'm not good for you, Anastasia." Ana groaned, she had heard this many times before. The words usually left the mouths of ex boyfriends, but Jasper wasn't an ex boyfriend, they weren't even friends. "Stop using that stupid facade and open up already." She hissed as she walked away from Jasper, shoving his shoulder with hers deliberately as she walked past.

Jasper stood there with wide eyes, her tone had completely took him off guard. The way she spoke seemed so unnatural for her. Her tone was completely different from her emotions, he thought as he slowly stalked over to his table but his eyes never left Ana. 

She sounded angry but her emotion was sadness? he pondered as his eye met Alice's; a frown on her face. But why was she so sad? he asked as he rested his chin on his palm.


La Push. The weather was the same as the day before, Ana sat in the van with Angela and Bella. Jessica in the opposite van with Eric and Mike. The five were too engrossed in conversation to notice Ana had tuned out as she picked up her phone. 

As she played some game the name Paul came up on the top of the screen. Furrowing her brows she opened the message. Though her confusion had disappeared as she had remembered she sent him a message the day before saying it was her.

Paul: Hey, Ana, you free?

Ana looked around at her friends as they discussed whale watching and surfing. Her head turned to Bella who was looking at her phone screen. Bell gave a small smile and a nod as if indicating she could go. With a grin Ana pressed her fingers against the screen.

Anastasia: I'm at La Push beach with my friends, but they're surfing and whale watching. Since I'd like to do neither, I'm free.

Within seconds of her replying, her phone buzzed. 

Paul: Meet me, same place as yesterday. Bye :)

Ana laughed softly, all eyes fell on her as she rose to her feet. "And where are you going?" Jessica asked as she raised a brow. Before she could answer, three boys had approached and begun talking to Bella. "I'm going to meet a friend, surfing and whale watching isn't my thing." Ana laughed as she turned to see the three boys listening in.

"And who is this friend?" Angela asked with a small smirk. Anastasia rolled her eyes playfully and ran a hand through her brown hair. "This guy called Paul, met him yesterday." The three boys stopped talking and turned to face her. Jessica grinned while Angela smirked.

"Paul? As in Paul Lahote?" Ana turned and nodded as the boys exchanged uneasy looks. Ana raised a brow as the middle boy spoke. "Be careful, he's a trouble maker." Ana laughed and shook her head lightly. "Thanks for your concern, but I could take that kid down any day." That said Ana walked off to where she had met the boy the previous day.

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