Chapter 19 | | Man Overboard !

Five seconds.

Ten seconds.

Fifteen seconds.


The time just won't pass. I don't know how many times I have heard the story of Marissa, having already received 13 confirmations for colleges. If I hear that story another time shit is about to go down, I mean it.

Marissa seems kind of nice but this is really too much for only one day. I poked around in my spaghettis, completely zoning out of their conversation.

Why is everybody so eager to compare themselves with others ? This is not a competition, people, just do your thing and let the others do theirs. Live and let live.

Apparently, for some people this is very hard to pursue as their always try to compete with others. Most of those competitions are so pretentious anyways.

Nowadays, people act as if they have certain qualities just to keep up with others who do not have that quality either.

Why was make up even invented ?

It's competition, mostly.

Of course, they do not actively compete against each other but if nobody wears makeup there is no reason for others to do so.

The thing is that the problem are not the girls who believe they are in need of makeup, but the society who tricks them into believing that.

All these commercials try to sell us products we are apparently desperately in need of.

But is that really the case ?

If society didn't tell you that something is a "must have", you wouldn't buy it. A few years ago no one thought about highlighting, strobing or baking because there weren't any brands trying to convince us that we need it and this applies to nearly every cosmetic product.

There was a time where it was okay to have short lashes or short legs.

People complain about fat shaming, yet this whole thing makes a 180 degree turn and now they are blaming girls for not having boobs or a big butt.

Now, let me ask you a question: is that any better ?

Just because you accidentally happen to fit in society's idea of the perfect woman does not give you the right to make others feel bad about themselves because they don't.

Sadly, Marissa did not need any kind of makeup or anything else.

I know, I know, I sound like a horrible person but if I had a crush and she was his girlfriend, I would suffer from depression for the rest of my life.

"What about you, Sofía ?", my head snapped up and everyone on the table was staring at me. Even Marissa with her perfectly curled blonde hair and her blue eyes, shining brighter than the ocean.

"Uhm...Sorry what was the question again ?"

"Mark asked you if you have already applied to any colleges yet and don't play with your food, its rude, Sofía.", my mom hissed and I rolled my eyes.

"Ouch !", I yelped as a sudden pain went through my leg and my mom threw me an angry glare.

"I-uh haven't yet.", I faked a smile and turned to my mom.

"Oh, have I already told you that Marissa got accepted from 13 colleges.", he said excited and slung his arm around Marissa's shoulder. He must be really proud of her which is actually understandable because he is her father but my ego is really not that amused about it.

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