I Hate Erections

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Smut Ahoy

Aspens POV

There are many things in this world that I hate. But I think now in my life I hate erections. Expecially when the cause is a horny ass werewolf named Carlos.

"What are you doing Carlos?" I glared up at him as he nipped at my neck.

"Things." He replied.

"Well things are not allowed." I sighed.

He stopped. More fucking silence.

"I didn't say you couldnt- ah~." A moan slipped through my lips as he licked up my neck and behind me ear.

I slapped my hand over my mouth while my cheeks turned an impressive red .

Then of course to top it off , I felt carlos' mini self poke my butt.

"B-Bad wolf!" I growled at him.

"You love it." He murmured in my ears, his warm breath hitting my sensitive skin. I shuddered. He placed an open mouth kiss on my neck.

"S-Sto-ah~" Another moan left my lips as he began to suck and drag his tongue across my skin.

"I told you so!" He sang.

There were many options I could've taken, but not remembering the last time I felt this good nor not remembering how to deal with one of these things I went with the one I've been trying to avoid.

"J-just do it." I whimpered.

"Do what Aspen?" He growled in my ear. "What do you want your big bad wolf to do?"

"Do me." I breathed out, embarrassed. And very horny.


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