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If that's what you want...

If that's what you want

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Hours had passed since Anastasia had fallen asleep, Jasper stood in the corner and watched as her chest rose then fell. He didn't know why but ever since Ana moved to town his thoughts had been swarmed by her, every class he had that she was in his eyes would follow up to her.

It may have been because of what Alice said, or maybe he was just feeling drawn to the girl. Though Jasper was almost certain it was the first option, Alice did have a vision of Anastasia and  with the way things were going it was most likely going to happen.

Visions can always change, he told himself as he ran a hand through his blonde hair. I have to refrain myself, he thought as he took a few steps back. Jasper never wanted to leave her side, if he could he wanted to spend eternity with her, he didn't even know why. He could always turn her but he felt compelled to do so as he would rather her never know about the supernatural.

"I wish it didn't have to happen this way." He whispered as he took another step back. Jasper didn't want to distance himself, he didn't want to leave her in the dark. He wanted to know her, know what she liked and disliked, what her favourite song was and what her favourite colour was.

If anything the blonde wanted to wrap his arms around her waist and bite her neck making it certain she would be his forever, but instead he slowly backed out of her bedroom window with thoughts of why he felt the way he did.

Jasper landed on his feet on the grass and let out a sigh, he turned around and was ready to sprint but stopped in his tracks as he heard Ana utter a single word from her bedroom. "Wolf." Jasper growled and ran off into the forest, as the blonde ran past he punched a tree making it fall. The wolves would not have her, even if it killed him.


Anastasia pulled her dark green cardigan closer to her body as the wind blew through her hair. Bella stood next to the girl but was staring off towards Edward, Alice and Jasper. Anastasia didn't look over, she didn't dare like if she did the amber eyes from her dream would meet hers.

Mike all of a sudden appeared and waved his hands in front of Bella, assuming they wanted to be alone Ana walked away. She sighed softly and stood a few metres away, book in hand and earphones in. Footsteps were heard approaching, Ana looked up and closed her book knowing the only time she could read it would be on the bus.

"Ana, hey." Alice spoke as she approached the brunette. Ana smiled and pulled out her ear phones and tucked them into her bag. "Hey guys, how's everything been?" Ana asked as she took a quick glance at Jasper, though he was already staring. Alice grinned and pulled the girl in for a hug.

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