Bad Timing

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8:30 A.m

''Hell no, Tyra stop asking me. My answer is not gone change.'' I said to her ass. She been asking me the same damn question all morning. Living with her is such a drag simply cause she be wearing a nigga down tough. Me and her just don't mix mainly because her ass never wants to listen to what I tell her.

She worse then Mia. I knew this shit was gone be hard, but damn man. My whole household been off and weird for one both Ashley and Tyra still don't get along. They be going at it so much, but luckily it's not that bad as before because it was way worse. I knew this was a bad idea off top, but I had to do it man. I had to make sure my family was good and with Dice or should I say Darnell bitch ass popping up on Ashley and Alexis that easy just mad shit worse and my decision worth it.

I would say I couldn't believe he did some shit like that, but you never know with this nigga Dice. One thing for sure he gone always do some unexpected shit and I gotta stay on top of everything he thinking. Matter of fact I'm suppose to link up with this bitch ass nigga today and I'm more than ready to.

Ain't nothing changed either me and my nigga's still with the plan I came up with and that's the move we going with. Yo I got so much shit to worry about it's crazy, I really don't need nothing extra on my plate, but that's very unlikely. Some extra shit always bound to happen whether it involves me or my niggas.

I'm just like damn when we gone get to the good part. I know this the lifestyle I chose and shit, but damn. A Nigga really need a break on everything.

I'm really just trynna get some rest till later on, last night was a long one and Tyra annoying ass won't leave me the fuck a lone. She was bugging me about some dumb shit too, I swear I can't wait till this shit over.

''Why not Terell? I'm trying to compromise and listen to yo ass even when I don't want to, but you really making this hard for me. You know I don't take orders from nobody either and I'm trying but you really got me fucked up T.'' She said while I just looked at her. I really didn't have time to be talking to her. I'm tired as hell like I said and it's 8:30 in the damn morning.

I knew she was tired as well, hell the girl use to strip and I know for sure she'd be sleep right now. All them late night hours she be putting in and shit. Like shorty what are you doing up.

''Yo, Tyra look I get that's yo friend and all but nah I can't let you go. You know all of this shit that's going on, not to mention I just told you that this nigga had a run in with Ashley.'' I said shaking my head. Tyra was so hard headed on everything she was and the more and more we had this conversation the more my ass was getting agitated. I'm one grumpy ass nigga if I don't get my sleep and right now that's how I was feeling. I need my sleep and that's all I fucking want.

''Okay and I'm not Ashley either. I can handle myself and you know that. Miracle is my friend and I haven't seen her in a while, she needs me so I wanna be there for her.''Tyra said.

''A while? You was living with shorty. You better call her and call it a day or some shit for real cause I don't know what to tell you.'' I said shrugging my shoulders. I mean damn I know they friends and all, but damn you would think they had a little more going on  the way Tyra was acting. Let me find out they getting down like that especially with out me.

She smacked her lips. ''Terell stop being a dick. You know I'm a very loyal female and like I said Miracle is my friend. I'm not asking for much just to get out the house. What's the fuckin' big deal?''She said rolling her eyes.

''You know what's up Tyra. Damn you asking the same damn shit.'' I said laying down in my bed. Little did Tyra know she was about to be up talking to her damn self because I was about to straight go to sleep on ass dead ass.

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