♫ Chapter 28

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Chapter 28

The audience continued to scream as we all bowed. I glanced at Chris for approval, before jumping off the stage and approaching the crowd. The other campers followed and soon enough we were surrounded by screaming teens and complimentary adults, patting our backs and hugging us.

"You were amazing!" A girl told me as she gave me a hug, "I can't wait until your famous and I can say I actually met you."

I couldn't help the grin that stretched across my face. 

"Have you a twitter?"

I nodded and typed my username into her phone. Chase came up behind me, squeezing himself out of the huddle of girls that were trapping him and wrapped an arm around me, pecking my cheek. The girl's eyes widened and they glanced between us. "Are you guys are a thing?"

I glanced at Chase and shrugged, "Yeah, we are."

They all squealed, causing me to wince while Chase chuckled. He leaned towards my ear and whispered, "I think your parents want to talk to you."

My eyes widened and I turned around in the direction Chase was looking. My Mom, Dad and Grandmother were making their way towards us. Mom and Dad looked sheepish and awkward, while Gran was grinning. She was paler than usual, and held on to my fathers arm to support her while she walked.

"May!" She smiled. I squeezed Chase's hand before surging forward, pushing my way through the crowd.

"Hey Grandma!" I wrapped my arms around her, giving her a gentle hug.

"You were amazing!" She gushed, "And you looked so beautiful!"

I glanced down at my t-shirt dress and trainers. It was hard to look chic and be comfortable on stage, so it took longer than anyone could imagine to pick out this outfit. 

I glanced up at my parents, who were standing awkwardly behind Gran. "Hi Mom, Dad..." I trailed off, "Thanks for coming."

They seemed taken aback by my civil tone. "You were very good, Esme." My mother smiled, gesturing to the stage. "Those dance classes from when you were a kid definitely paid off."

"And your voice is beautiful." I watched as my father struggled to gather his words together. 

"Thank you." 

"We're sorry we never took your love for music seriously." My mother added.

"You never took me seriously. Never mind my love for music." I couldn't help the bitterness seep its way into my words. 

An arm wrapped itself around my shoulder, and a narrow eyed Kelly glared at my parents. "So you guys made it." 

"Kelly." My gran warned, in a low voice.

"Don't 'Kelly' me Gran. What makes them think they can now walk into May's life just because they see dollar signs after seeing her perform."

"We were never out of May's life!" Mom snapped. "I spent all year trying to mend May and I's relationship in the workshop."

"And what about your husband, huh? What has he done except talk shit behind her back!"

"Stop." I mumbled, "I forgive them." I turned to Kelly with wide eyes, warning her to back off. It was too good of a day and I didn't want it to be ruined. Kelly huffed, rolling her eyes at them. 

"Fine. Come on Grandma, I'll give you a tour."

I turned back to my parents, and smiled awkwardly. "So did you guys enjoy the concert?" 

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