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(Y/N)s p.o.v

I am lost. I am cold. I do not wish to be here any longer. I could've called a private helicopter but despite my highly esteemed government job my phone isn't advanced at all and I have zero chance of connection. I thought I was finally making a friend or two but I messed up. I wish they'd forgive me, I don't think they quite understand how hard the investigation has been and I truly never used any of them, I wanted to help them.
I sit down on a picnic bench near the cable car, which has been rendered useless after they lost the key. I wonder what I would be doing if I were at work right now? I would probably be researching their case, and that makes me feel bad. I doubt they'll ever trust me again, which is unfortunate as I thought I had finally gotten through to someone.
The air has gotten colder and its sunset. I am not going back to the cave, where I'm clearly unwanted, so I stay put, hoping my blanket was in with my stuff.
Being alone on this cold, snow covered bench makes me wonder why I do this. It makes me wonder why I get so involved into cases that I shouldn't. They always warn me of the consequences and I never adhere to those cautions from people who supposedly know better than I do, although I believe I am smarter than they are. I believe so because I have the best record. I have successfully solved or fixed every case I have recieved via the government, as well as maintaining my position as a private government therapist too. It confuses some people as to how I have acquired this much at a young age but I am considered a 'prodigy'. My co-workers like to laugh at me and belittle me; they think I'm useless. I'm being to wonder if I am.
Two hours later and I am starting to get hungry. I have no food with me. All I have is my blanket, some juice, a flashlight, matches and my non-functioning phone. It's pitch black now and the only light sources are the moon and my battery powered flashlight which will most likely last only an hour more.
At this point, I have accepted that I will probably die up here. Death doesn't scare me, but being forgotten does. I would like to think that I have been noticed as missing by someone. Whether it be a lousy colleague or a distant family member, I just hope I'm important enough to be remembered. But I guess it's easy to forget someone who never really does much but work.

(Chris' P.O.V)

"Dude, where are you going?" Mike asks half awake as I grab essentials from my bags.
"To find her." I reply ominously. Mike, who now looks confused and tired, gets up slowly and walks to me, putting his hand on my shoulder sympathetically.
"Chris, I'm really sorry, but she's gone and there's nothing we can do. Ash would want-" he starts, but upon hearing Ashleys name, I swiftly interrupt.
"I know, Mike." I say in monotone, expressing no emotion, or trying too. I shrug my shoulder so I can escape his grasp. "I'm going to look for (Y/N). For answers."
"Well there's no way in hell I'm going with you." Mike walks further into the cave and sits on the cold, dusty floor beside Jess, who is fast asleep.
"She has good intentions, I'm sure of it." I reply. This angers Mike but he tries to repress this. It doesn't work.
"Just go. Go get your answers but I refuse to even look at her ever again." He says through clenched teeth. I know Mike is much stronger than I am, so I obey his orders and I head out into the cold, dark forest in which death may await me.
I leave quietly, avoiding waking the girls up, trying to take gentle footsteps but still at a quick pace. The cold is harsh and I begin to feel worried about (Y/N) whom we have yet to hear from for a significant amount of time.
I reach about five feet out of the cave then my attention is drawn to the subtle unfamiliar noise in the distance. Mike, also hearing this noise, rushes out beside me and we both look off into the horizon. As we stand in silence the noise gets louder and I suspect whatever it is has gotten closer.
Then we realise, the sound wasn't so unfamiliar after all.

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