The Pitiful Life of a Prince

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Sherlock POV: One of Sherlock's favorite games to play was ignoring his brother. The game was simple really, every time that fat lump of a man tried to communicate with him, Sherlock would pretend he heard nothing. Usually he won this game because usually Mycroft never had anything incredibly important to say, but today seemed to be different. No matter how much Sherlock ignored him, Mycroft kept trying to talk, and eventually it was just irritating.
"Sherlock, listen to me when I'm talking to you!" Mycroft insisted, standing by the wooden door and tapping his foot quickly. Sherlock said nothing and kept reading his book, laying on his bed and trying to pretend like his brother was no more than an irritable fly buzzing by his ear.
"Sherlock come on, you need to get dressed, we need to go to the hall, the Adler family will be here any moment!" Mycroft insisted, running over and grabbing the book out of Sherlock's hands.
"Mycroft just let me be!" Sherlock growled, rolling to the side of the bed where his brother's foul stench couldn't reach. He was dressed in his ceremonial garb, the Lauriston Kingdom Crest stamped across his chest in gold.
"Just go away, I don't care about some Alder family." Sherlock snapped.
"Adler, and their daughter is a very eligible suitor for you." Mycroft insisted, setting the book onto Sherlock's dresser and crossing his arms.
"Last I checked it was the man that went to hunt down the woman, not the other way around." Sherlock snapped.
"Yes well, considering the Golden Prince has no interest in marriage, we decided to switch it around." Mycroft snapped.
"Shut up with that Golden Prince rubbish, you only call me that when you want something." Sherlock snapped. Mycroft sighed heavily, as if realizing he was getting nowhere with his little brother.
"Yes, I do. I want you to get dressed, look attractive, and try to keep a smile on that face." Mycroft insisted.
"Well that's pathetic." Sherlock growled, scowling at his brother. "Why don't you just marry her, you're single too. For good reason."
"I don't want a wife." Mycroft insisted, saying the word as if it left a bad taste in his mouth.
"Me neither!" Sherlock defended, glaring at his brother as if he might see his point. "You're oldest, you'll have the throne first."
"Yes but I am not the symbol of this kingdom, you are." Mycroft pointed out.
"I never asked to be the symbol of this bloody kingdom, what has this kingdom ever done for me?" Sherlock growled. Mycroft laughed for a moment, but then he realized Sherlock was being serious.
"Sherlock just get dressed, you can whine about your heritage after the meeting." Mycroft decided. Sherlock cast a bored eye to where his clothes were laid out neatly for him, a purple shirt with the crest, just like Mycroft, and a flowing purple cape. He didn't know why anyone would pick purple for their kingdom's color, but he wasn't complaining. He would never to admit to anyone that he actually loved the color.
"Alright, get out." Sherlock growled.
"There we go, see with a little bit of optimism you may actually..."
"GET OUT MYCROFT!" Sherlock yelled, grabbing the closest pillow and chucking it at his brother's royal face. Mycroft ducked and the pillow sailed over his head but he got the message, so he gave a quick smile and scurried out of the room, faster than Sherlock could grab something a little bit heavier to throw.
"Oh, sorry Ms. Hooper." He muttered as he left, almost running into one of the nobleman's daughters on his way out.
"It's quite alright Mycroft." She assured in a sweet voice.
"Be careful in there, he's a bit moody this morning." Mycroft warned.
"Just another morning then." Molly agreed with a little laugh.
"I CAN HEAR YOU!" Sherlock yelled in warning. He heard the sound of quick footsteps and finally Molly walked into the room, shutting the door quickly and frowning.
"He's an awfully bothersome person, is he not?" she decided. Sherlock smiled sarcastically, rolling off of his bed and picking up his folded clothes from the chair.
"It's only taken you this long to notice?" he wondered. Molly sighed dramatically, walking rather stiffly since she had been forced into a corset this morning. Molly was the only person in this kingdom that Sherlock could tolerate. She was sweet, kind, and gentle on the outside but when you got to know her she shared the same deep seated hate for noble life. Sherlock was quite the opposite, he was made to look all tough by the kingdom and he made his disinterest public. In the eyes of the townspeople Sherlock was the ideal prince, strong, handsome, intelligent and good with a sword. On the inside, however, Sherlock was very dainty, flamboyant, and the kingdom's worst fake. He somehow managed to live up to everyone's expectations through cheating, lies, and bribery, and the only one who knew about it was Molly. But what else was he to do? If the entire kingdom found out that he couldn't hunt they would disown him, if the entire kingdom found out that he played the violin, a very feminine instrument, how would they react? Sherlock was supposed to be the Golden Prince, the symbol of the kingdom and the rightful heir to the most powerful throne in the land. How was he supposed to hold up that title if the public knew who he truly was, what kind of failure he was actually born to be?
"Who is it this time?" Molly wondered as Sherlock dragged himself behind the changing screen, ripping off his comfortable pajamas for the scratchy powdered formal wear.
"Some Adler family and their rich prissy daughter. Mycroft told me about her before, I was hardly listening." Sherlock shrugged.
"You think maybe you'll like her?" Molly wondered, a mix between hope and disgust in her voice.
"Oh, it's a possibility. Especially if she drops dead, then I'll like her very much." Sherlock snapped.
"As awful as Mycroft is, he might have a point. You're going to rule this kingdom someday, and you can only do that with a queen by your side." Molly pointed out.
"I don't need a queen. I don't even need to rule this land, it's pathetic." Sherlock insisted.
You're going to have to someday; you've known that from the start." Molly pointed out.
"Well, when that day comes this kingdom is going to fall." Sherlock decided, pulling on the shirt and fastening his cape around his shoulders. He walked out from behind the screen to see Molly smiling at him, as if this were some great accomplishment that he could dress himself.
"Where's Billy?" she wondered, referring to Sherlock's servant.
"Oh, in the physician's quarters I'm sure." Sherlock sighed. Molly frowned at him, as if wondering what he had done now.
"What happened?" Molly wondered.
"I threw the candelabra at his head." Sherlock shrugged, poking at the cape fasteners guiltily. "I didn't think I'd actually hit him! Besides, he was being annoying."
"Everyone's annoying to you!" Molly pointed out. "Doesn't mean you can throw a candelabra at the entire kingdom!"
"Watch me try." Sherlock decided. Molly sighed, sitting down very stiffly on the bed and clawing at the middle of her dress, as if that would somehow loosen the corset that was suffocating her.
"Well, you better get down there; don't want to keep the Adler girl waiting." Molly insisted.
"I don't know that they're here yet." Sherlock sighed, peering out the window at the empty road.
"Have you heard any trumpets, ceremonial welcoming?" Molly wondered.
"Nothing of the sort." Sherlock assured.
"Alright then, I suppose they're not here yet." Molly agreed. Sherlock groaned, sitting next to Molly on the bed and pouting.
"Why can't I just quit being the prince? It's awfully tedious and a waste of my time." Sherlock decided.
"If you quit you wouldn't be rich anymore." Molly pointed out.
"It would be worth it. I don't want to dress up in stupid costumes, or attend balls, or meetings, I don't want to get married and have feasts and responsibilities." Sherlock whined.
"Well then, I guess it's a good thing you can't quit." Molly decided.
"Would you?" Sherlock wondered.
"I don't have many responsibilities; I'm nothing more than the daughter of a rich man." Molly shrugged.
"So you'd stay?" Sherlock wondered.
"I guess it depends on where you are. God knows you're the only real person in this entire castle." Molly decided. Sherlock just smiled in agreement.
"Too right you are." He agreed. Their conversation was halted, however, when that telling sound of trumpets interrupted them. The Adler family had arrived. Sherlock groaned loudly, but the two of them got up to peer out the window once more. There were a couple of guards on horseback, some flag bearers and some footmen, just for show. Behind them was a large horse drawn carriage, sleek and black with the green crest of the Adler family stamped on top. A chill went down Sherlock's spine when he saw this small parade, knowing that he would have to be down there to greet their guests.
"Well, I best be off." he decided with a groan. "Want to come?" he wondered.
"Oh um...I should probably stay here..." Molly muttered.
"You're coming, come on. They didn't put you in that stupid corset to make you sit around all day." Sherlock decided, grabbing Molly's arm and pulling her along with him.
"Oh come on Sherlock, I don't want to meet some stuck up princess!" Molly whined.
"Neither do I, but it will be more fun with you around." Sherlock decided.
"Oh fine, but just so we can make fun of her later." Molly agreed, shaking Sherlock's hand off easily and marching down the stone corridors. It was easy to know when she was coming because of those stupid high heels; she always cursed those bloody shoes. But she was actually quite quick and stealthy when she wanted to be, even in the heels. Molly defied all expectations placed on women these days, which was another reason why Sherlock kept her around. They descended the stairs into the hall, where there were four thrones at the end of an unnecessarily long red carpet, statues and pillars of white marble lining the way. At the end of the hall there were two large oak doors, opened only when there were important guests arriving. On a normal day everyone just went to the entrance hall, not the Hall of Kings. The statues depicted all of the kings that had ruled Lauriston Kingdom, dating back to Sherlock's greatest ancestors. There had been rumor that they were already working on his statue, but since he had never been called to pose for it he doubted those rumors were true. However, he'd love a statue of him flipping off the sculptures to stand in the Hall forever. Right now the hall was lined with the noble families, some servants, some knights, the royal trumpet players, and all these other folks that wanted to see the new royal family. On the thrones sat Sherlock's mother, his father, and Mycroft, all sitting up straight and looking very elegant in their crowns and their royal garb.
"Sherlock did you forget your crown?" Molly wondered nervously.
"Oh my god, this is all Billy's fault!" Sherlock growled.
"This is your fault, not Billy's. You're the one that attacked him." Molly pointed out.
"Shush Molly, go stand with your family and I'll go sit with mine." Sherlock decided.
"But your crown!" Molly insisted.
"I'll figure it out, now scram!" Sherlock insisted. Molly groaned loudly, but as soon as she walked into the hall she stood up straight, fixing her dress and walking slowly and lady like, putting on a show like she actually wanted to be there. Sherlock ran up to the thrones, snatching Mycroft's crown off of his head and taking a seat in his designated throne.
"Sherlock what in the world are you..." Mycroft started, but his sentence was interrupted when the doors opened. Sherlock had to make a show, sitting up straight and nobly, placing Mycroft's large crown on his head and pretending that it fit. He got no recognition from his parents, but obviously there would be some criticism when this whole ordeal was over. The Adler family arrived, the king, the queen, and their daughter, all making a dramatic entrance in flowing gowns and capes, their crowns placed proudly on their heads. Even from here, Sherlock could tell he hated their daughter, whoever she may be. Just the very presence of that pathetic family made him want to throw up his breakfast. The trumpets played and Sherlock wanted very much to cover his ears, but he stood when his family stood, walking down the carpet to meet their guests.
"Your majesty, the Adler family proudly presents their only daughter Irene." A servant said, bowing very low. Irene was a very pale girl with jet black hair with a bit of an evil complexion, she was wearing a long green dress and a crown of emeralds sat perched in her hair. Sherlock straightened Mycroft's crown on his head and smiled, bowing lowly to her because that's just what he had to do.
"Your majesty it is an honor to finally meet you, I hope our children will be a good match for each other." Mr. Holmes said, extending a hand to shake. The kings shook hands and the queens introduced each other and Sherlock stood rather awkwardly next to Mycroft, looking around the hall since it was the most interesting thing in front of him currently.
"Hello your majesty." Irene said to him with a very fake smile, holding out a hand for him to kiss. Sherlock wanted to scowl and push her away, but he had to take her hand and kiss it very lightly, making a mental note to sanitize his lips when he got back.
"Hello, I'm Sherlock." He said awkwardly, not knowing what to say in a situation like this. Usually the girls were swooning over him, but this one seemed as if she were under the impression that she was better than him. A very wrong impression, obviously.
"I've heard a lot about you, the Golden Prince from Lauriston Kingdom." She said with a smile.
"Yes um...I heard about you last night." Sherlock shrugged. She laughed a very high pitched laugh, obviously forced because Sherlock said nothing funny.
"This is my son, Sherlock." Mr. Holmes said to Mr. Adler, interrupting what pathetic conversation Sherlock had been having with Irene.
"It's nice to meet you your majesty." Sherlock said, bowing a little bit to the king and feeling Mycroft's crown give a dangerous slip towards the top of his head. He fixed it quickly, all with a smile on his face. Oh, this was all so tedious.
"You are welcome here as long as you wish, and I invite you all to dinner tonight in the great hall." Mr. Holmes said proudly. Irene smiled, looking pleased with that as if she wanted to spend as much time as she could with Sherlock. Sherlock, on the other hand, wanted to frown even more. With this rat of a woman hanging around for a while how was he supposed to get a break? Mycroft would want him to take her to dinner or take her on walks and spend time with her; oh this was going to be awful.

      "Dinner sounds lovely." Irene decided, looking at Sherlock with venomous green eyes. Sherlock smiled very minimally, nodding his head as if dinner actually sounded pleasant.
"Well until then I'm sure Sherlock would love to show Ms. Adler to her quarters." Mr. Holmes said, giving a sweeping hand to Sherlock as if the other king wouldn't know who that was.
"I um...of course, yes." Sherlock muttered, his eyes wide when he realized he had no idea where she was to be staying.
"And to the rest of the Adler family, a tour of the castle, perhaps?" Mr. Holmes asked.
"That would be very generous." Mrs. Adler agreed with a smile.
"Well then, it's settled." Irene said happily, smiling at the Holmes family as if imagining them as her in-laws. Sherlock extended an arm for Irene to take, which she happily did, and he lead her towards the door.
"One moment, I need to speak to someone." He muttered rather awkwardly, dragging Irene through the crowd to where Molly was standing, fanning herself with her long sleeve.
"Well hello!" Molly said dropping her sleeve and putting a smile on her face.
"Hello, my name is Irene." Irene said with a friendly smile, holding out a hand for Molly to shake. Molly looked at Sherlock curiously, but shook Irene's hand.
"I'm Molly." Molly said with a small bow.
"Yes, Irene this is my best friend, I'm going to have her come along just so I don't get lost." Sherlock decided.
"Come along...come where, sorry Sherlock?" Molly wondered, blinking rapidly as if trying to send Sherlock a signal. He received it, of course. It was the what on Earth do you think you're doing look, one of the more commonly used expressions on Molly's face.
"Oh that would be fine." Irene assured, but there was a note of jealousy in her voice that Sherlock didn't like at all. Not that there was any part of her that he actually liked.
"Yes, alright then, Molly do you know where Ms. Adler is spending her nights here? I haven't been informed just yet and have been instructed to lead her there." Sherlock said, a smile plastered onto his face even though he could feel a scowl shining through.
"I could take a guess, follow me." Molly assured, giving another quick smile to Irene before starting along the corridor, her hands swinging daintily by her side like the lady she was pretending to be. Sherlock followed obediently, walking a pace too fast for Irene to walk in those heels of hers, so he was kind of dragging her along. Not that he cared; he wanted to be subtly impolite, just so she didn't want to marry him either. When they finally got out of the Hall of Kings Sherlock could breathe a little bit easier, at least there was only one girl judging him, not the entire kingdom.

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