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First of all, if you've made it here it means you've reached the end of The Fan, so thanks to you for reading. I truly hope you enjoyed this nasty little tale :)

I don't often write short stories and when I do they're usually a means to break my writer's block but it's fair to say the idea for this story had been floating around in my head for some time before I actually wrote it.

It's partly a nod to Misery by Stephen King and to the UK TV 'what-if' drama 'Blackout'. Blackout was one of the best things I saw on television in 2013, the year before I wrote this (apart from The Fall and Broadchurch) and was just one of those programmes that stuck in my head for ages afterwards.

The idea behind it was this: what would happen if cyber-hackers attacked the national electricity grid? What if the power went off and didn't come back on again? What would it drive people to do? If you can get a chance to watch Blackout (it was on Channel 4 or 4oD) then please do because a lot of what happened was based on actual facts - apparently hackers attack our national grid every single day and there is a government contingency plan ready to be put in place should they succeed.

Anyway, in The Fan, the hackers have succeeded. The power is out and it's not coming on again...yet. Unlucky for Kyle because he's trapped in a lift with his biggest fan :)

I would also like to point out that, while this story attracted a lot of attention for Kyle's commentary on crazy fandoms - I LOVE fandoms and have even been part of (and still am a part of) of a few in my time. Fandoms are awesome, fandoms are a community and fandoms can even become like family. So as John Waters alluded in my opening quote, obsesses away...just, you know, keep it in check, because you never know when your favourite celeb might be tempted to bash your head in ;-)

Thanks again for reading

Linz xxx

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