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Pen Your Pride

Arabella's pov:

After playing yet another song on the piano, I was getting 'kinda' bored. Picking through everyone's thoughts, I noticed something weird. Carslisle kept thinking 'There's something weird about her, I feel scared when she looks me in the eye, and I think I should know all three of them but I don't know why.' THERE that was what I should do , time to have some fun.

"Hey Carslisle, we figured out my powers! You wanna see?" He briskly nodded so I closed my eyes and acted as though I was working really hard. In seconds, I looked like the human me. His thoughts exploded 'It can't be, she's dead, there's no way, Edward, no just no, but those eyes, I can still feel the burning flames of hate flickering in them, NO YOU ARE IMAGINING THINGS OKAY CARSLISLE YOU GOT THAT THERE IS NO WAY ON EARTH THIS GIRL IS EDWARDS SISTER!' Aro never said how long we have to stay undercover, and I might be able to have some fun with torturing him.

"Sisters, I need you and Carslisle to meet me in my room, and everyone else out of hearing distance"  I yelled.Once everyone was in their proper place, I began to speak. "Dr.Carslisle, it's been quite the pleasure listening to your internal battles on our identity, but it was getting boring," Immediatly, Rose and Cece mentaly screamed at me.'WHAT THE HECK WE WERE TOLD UNDERCOVERm WHY HIM WE HATE HIM.' I calmly thought back 'Girls, we were never told how long to stay undercover, regardless our judgment over rides Aro's, and I am doing this because I hate him, it will be so much fun messing with hi, he's just terrified of us.'

I "My name is Arabella Elizabeth Volturi, however I married into that name and it comes with the title  of Volturi Queen, on my left is Rosilia Jane Volturi, however she also married into the name and it comes with the title of Volturi Queen, on my right is Cecilia Aleyna Volturi, of course she married into that name regardless would hold the name because of her postition Volturi Queen.We each have enough power to end the lives of every vampire in a 100 mile radius with a simple thought. Now lets go over this again, My name is Arabella Elizabeth Masen, yet I lost that name when I married Aro Volturi and when I accepted the role of Volturi Queen. To my left is Rosilia Jane Masen but she lost the name when she married Caius and accepted her role as royalty. To my right is Cecilia Aleyna Masen, but she lost the name after marrying Marcus and accepted her role." That was it our secret was out.


Hey guys here's the question: How do you think Carsisle should act around them

A. Nervous\jumpy

B. Calm and collected

C. Angry 

*Vote by next Saturday, so I can know what you would like to see*

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