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I wake up to the annoying siren of a alarm and look at the time. It's ten twenty! I am so late for school. I quickly get up and rush to the bathroom. I take my shower and do the things I need to do. I come out fifth teen minutes tops in black jeans, a olive green shirt that says good girl written in pink with a pink leather jacket.

I go the mirror to brush out my birds nest of hair into my wavy natural state. I grab my bag and keys and out my bedroom door. I was so busy trying to put my backpack on I forgot their was a huge long staircase in front of me. I finally got the strap of the backpack on when I rolled down the stairs landing with a thump.

'Okay that one hurt'

I slowly got up dusting my self off, surprisingly I didn't brake anything or die, I'm perfectly fine other than the scratch I have on my arm, I'm good. I walked out the front door looking in my driveway to choose what transportation I wanna take my jeep or my motorcycle.

I rode in the packed school parking lot parking my motorcycle in the back seeing there wasn't any parking space left in the front. I go to the front office to my remit for coming to school so late. I just told the attendance office I had a doctor appointment.

It was third period and next was lunch so I headed to the cafeteria seeing we only had five minutes left of class. I walked in to our groups table wanting to surprise them. I waited for five minutes until I heard the bell ring. Immediately the whole cafeteria was full students pouring in from the doors wanting to get in line for lunch.

I spotted the whole group walking together like they owned the school. I saw Kaden's head pick up from the floor looking directly at me. I couldn't help but smile. I stood up waiting for them to come closer. Once Kaden was in arms reach I grabbed him and hugged him. We both sat down and I looked around the table to see everyone looking at me but the faces I really saw were guilt faces of Jasmines,Leah, and Hazels.

"Guys could you give us a moment please?". The boys nodded getting up and moving to the table behind us talking about who is better looking than who.

"Athena we are so sorry we didn't tell you but, I wish we could but we new Kaden was already nervous to tell you to begin with". A guilty looking Hazel spoke.

I sighed," I'm not mad anymore at you guys I understand now I just needed some time to think about it all myself, but you guys have to make me promise".

They all nodded their head really fast smiling.

"Anything". Jasmine spoke.

"Don't hide anything from me ever again?". I said

"We promise". They said in a sync which caused all to laugh.

"Is everything good over here now?". Jonas said coming to sit down next to Leah.

"Are you guys mates?". I curiously asked them. They both looked at each other smiling before returning their attention back to me.

"Yes we are, and Hazel and Greyson are mates too." Leah says looking over to Greyson who is kissing Hazel.

I look over to Jasmine who is looking over at the two couples who are in love with envy eyes. I snapped out of my thoughts back when I was lifted up and put into a lap, Kaden's lap. He put his face in the crook of my neck and sniffed.

"Why do you sniff me?". I asked causing the table to erupt in laughter.

"It's one of those mate things, your scent drives me and my wolf crazy." He chuckles. I got down from his lap and look to see him pouting.

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