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Tessa's POV:

"So right now we are still the beach, we are probably going to leave soon.. but look at the ocean!" I said, turning my camera around to show the waves and the water. It was beautiful. I pressed the button to stop recording on my camera and just admired the view. Today, we decided to all go to the beach and just hang out as the weather was great. It was such an enjoyable time with everyone.
"Tessa!" said Jake, signaling me with his hand to come over to help gather our stuff we had put down on the sand. I guess it was time to leave, everyone was really tired after all of the playing around. I nodded and started running towards the group, accidentally dropping my camera. I turned around and halfway knelt down to pick it up when I realized Chance had already had is hand on it. He grasped it and brushed the sand off, then handed it to me.
"Here you go, Tess!" he said, smiling. I loved how he called me that. As he gave it to me our hands gently touched, making me get butterflies. I'm not sure if it's obvious or not, but yes - I have a massive crush on Chance, I was in love the moment he walked through the Team 10 door the day Jake introduced him and Anthony to us.
"Thank you so much, haha!" I said, blushing a little and giggling at the same time. I picked up my bag, slipped on my flip flops, and followed Erika who was following everyone else walking towards the boardwalk to go the parking lot.
"TESSA!" I hear someone yell behind me as they put their hands on my shoulders. I let out a gasp, turning around to find out it was Chance who had scared me. He was now bursting out laughing.
"YOOO! Chance.. you got me good!" I said, putting my hand on my heart to feel my heartbeat. I started laughing, seeing how much he was.
"It's hilarious how easily you get startled!" he said, gently placing his hand on my shoulder for a few seconds. We both chuckled and happily walked next to one another before Anthony, who was in front of us, called Chance up to him. I looked down at the ground and couldn't help it but smile, I wouldn't trade my friends for anything.

Time Skip; 45 Minutes Later

I unbuckled my seat belt and swung open the car door, heading towards the trunk of the car to get my bag out. We had taken two cars there and back. The second car pulled in the driveway about 10 seconds after the first pulled in. We all went into the house and basically everyone wanted to sleep because we were all exhausted. I wasn't as tired as most of them, so I went up into my room and changed into more comfortable clothes, took off my makeup, and then went back downstairs on the couch. I pulled out my phone and a few seconds later Chance joined me on the sofa, wearing a pale pink T-Shirt with Adidas shorts. He sat down and looked over at me. I looked up from my phone, turned it off and put it beside me, smiling at him. We were looking straight at one another and I almost felt like I could get lost in his eyes.

Chance's POV:
(starting back from everyone getting out of the car)

I closed the car door behind me, already getting butterflies knowing what I was about to do not even an hour from now. I quickly walked into the Team 10 house and made my way into the room Anthony, the twins, and I share. I went into the room and saw Anthony was already in there. I immediately started looking for the rose I had hidden for this occasion, knowing she loves roses. I'm not sure if I made it obvious by now, but was about to ask Tessa out. I've fallen madly in love with her; her eyes, laugh, humor, the way she says my name, every little thing about her from her smile to that little cute freckle she has on her finger. She's my best friend; hopefully my soon-to-be lover.
"Hey, bro!" Anthony said, looking at me a bit puzzled.
"Hey!" I said, finally finding the rose, then looking in the mirror and ran my fingers through my hair to fix it.
"Ohhh.. Chance I forgot you're asking her out!" said Anthony, clapping once afterwards.
"Yeah, haha.. I'm so nervous, I really like her and I hope I don't mess it up," I said, quickly scratching my ear. He walked closer to me, then patted me on the back.
"Dude you're gonna be fine. Everyone, but you, is so sure she likes you man," he said, making me blush a little. I finally felt ready. I started walking towards the door to find her and looked back at Anthony. He gave me a huge smile and two thumbs up, which made me chuckle. I walked out of the door with the rose behind my back, instantly scanning the room for her. I spotted her on the couch and walked towards it, then sat down so there was one cushion in between us. I looked at her for a few seconds before she looked up from her phone with a big grin on her face, looking cute as ever.
"Hey there," I said. It felt as if the butterflies in my stomach were flying faster than Jake in his Lamborghini, and that's fast.
"Hey Chance," she said, giggling afterwards. Her laugh was such a familiar sound to me and I loved hearing it.
"I've been thinking about something a lot.. can I ask you something?" I said as my heartbeat got so much faster.
"Chance, of course. Anything," she said, calming my nerves a little bit. I looked down at her hands which were placed on her lap. I scooted closer to her, then picked up both of her hands with both of mine. It almost seemed like the spaces in between my fingers were made for hers to go there, they fit so perfectly as if it was meant to be. I took a breath, looked at the floor for a split second, then looked straight back into her beautiful eyes.
"Tessa.. that something I've been thinking about is.. us. Ever since I met you I knew that I was madly in love. Every single thing about you makes me so, so happy, whether it's your face when you're concentrating or the way you jump up and down when you're excited or the way your eyes light up when you smile.. You always find a way to make my day every day, the little things to the big things. I don't know what I'd do without you and.. the question I wanted to ask, was.." I paused, letting go of one of her hands and getting the rose from behind my back and handing it to her. "Could I have the honor of you being my girlfriend?" I continued, squeezing her other hand a little bit tighter. She set the rose beside her and put her hand over her mouth. Looking deep into her eyes, I realized that she was tearing up.
"Chance.. oh my goodness!" she said, her voice sounding so genuine and sincere, making me feel so content and happy that I finally had her. Tessa swung her arms around me and rubbed my back with her hands. I wrapped my arms around her with the biggest smile on my face I've had in years.
"So... that's a yes?" I said, laughing as we parted after about a minute.
"Of course!!!" said Tessa, pulling me closer into a hug again as she gave me the sweetest little kiss on the cheek.
"I'm beyond stoked to finally have you Tess," I said, shaking my head in excited disbelief, and that was surely not a lie. I love her with all of my heart and I'm thrilled to call her mine.


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