They ship us?

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  Y/N P.O.V

It was a Saturday and I was watching Netflix. Man, I need a life. Sara doesn't help because she went out with these sluts. Like really, don't wear super short clothes that have holes. It shows your asking for it.

I just recently downloaded Musically, so I planned on making one.

I was looking through the comedy and saw the one that fits perfectly for me. It was titled.

"Saturday night and I got no plans"


I made it and posted. Well. What am I going to do now?

Pretty Little Lairs, let's find out who A is.

*Ding Dong*

"Sara! Can you get the door!?" I called out to Sara.


Oh thats right. She not here. But I don't wanna get up! Whoever it is better pay me 10 bucks.

I get the door and behind it reviles Jake. Ugh! What does he want!?

"What do you want loser? I was just about to find out A is!" He ows me $10.

Without talking he barged in and sat on my couch. Um, rude much?

"Um hello? Care to explain why your here?" I sat next to him.

"I got bored and everybody is either parting or doing work. I figure you will be fun. But here we are......" Jake trials off looking around.

"You asshole, It was getting peaceful with nobody here. Oh and by the way, you owe me $10." I stick out my hand. He looks confused.

"Why do I have to give you money?" He ask getting his wallet out.

"Because I had to open the door. Less talky. More pay." He hands me the money.

"My fans ship us." Jake says out of nowhere. Worst mistake. I was drinking water when he said that and then I laughed.

I did a spit take. And he didn't look happy.

"Gross." He simply says and wipes it with his shirt.

When he lifted up his shirt, that was my heaven. Why haven't i met him sooner?

"Wanna go out with me?" I asked getting up and heading to my room.

The look on his face was priceless. It was a mixture of shocked, happy, and 'wtf'. I laughed again.

"Do you want to go somewhere with me as friends? It wasn't meant to sound like a date." I explain to him. He quickly nods and goes on his phone.

This kid is fucking quiet. I don't like it.

I was planning on wearing something hot. I mean, it was Saturday and I was going to have fun.

 I mean, it was Saturday and I was going to have fun

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Now, what I was wearing was a little reviling. Since my chest was kinda big, they were almost exploding out of my shirt. But hey, atleast this is better than the sluts with their ass out.

For makeup I only put lipstick. Simple. And for hair. I curled it.

I walk out to see Jake vlogging. You can see me walking in the camera, how has he not noticed?

"Jake, are you ready?" I ask Jake grabbing my purse.

He gets up and looks at me. He takes a couple minutes to speak which means he was staring. He nodded.

"Actually, Im gonna go to the bathroom." Jake quickly left to the bathroom. I sigh and put on my headphones.

I played the music so loud that I wouldn't even here a tornado warning. Im gonna need hearing aids when im 24.

Jake came out a couple minutes later, looking sweaty. What?

"What happened to you?" I ask Jake taking off my headphones.

"Nothing. Let's go!" Jake runs oit the door.

"This kid is gonna be the end of me....." I run after him.

Let's get wild!

Hoped you liked it! Bye!

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