#11. Situationships

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It hurt Mrs Legae to see her little angel angry, but she also understood where Mona was coming from. If it were her parents, treating Niko they way that they just treated Brian, she would've blown a fuse too

She knew that she had to fix the mess that she, unintentionally, started. With quick, long strides, Mmapula headed in the direction she knew Niko took Brian. She wasn't completely sure, but she knew that if Niko wanted to intimidate Brian, the best place to take him was his office

As she turned the hallway, she could see Mona by the pool with her feet dipped inside. She wanted to go over to her, maybe try to explain their hesitation towards Brian, but knowing how stubborn her daughter was, she thought against it

She continued her walk to her husband's office, till she saw the large oak doors that lead into it. Once she walked in, she took one look at Niko, and knew from his tense demeanour that whatever conversation he and Brian were having, was mere seconds away from going south 

Niko stopped his staring contest with Brian, and smiled at the entrance of his beautiful wife. He got up from his seat, ready to walk over to her, but she rose her hand up for him to stop. Niko frowned at her, "What -?"

"Don't" Mmapula walked up to him, "Re tloka go boa" she told him all serious like
(We need to talk)

Niko nodded, then gestured for Mmapula to leave first, as he followed behind her, leaving Brian alone in his office

From the interaction that he just witnessed, Brian could tell that Mmapula had a hold on Niko that Mona most likely had on him. It was a scary thought, but one that he welcomed with open arms

He couldn't hear what they were conversing about, but from the tone in Mmapula's voice, he could tell that she wasn't happy about something

Seeing that Niko was dealing with his wife, Brian decided that he would give them some space, and walk out the doors that lead to what looked like the outside

From the office he hadn't seen Mona sitting by the pool, matter of fact, he hadn't seen that there was a pool outside till he walked out the office. He walked out and saw his pixie with her feet dipped into the pool, her jeans rolled up to her ankles, and looking sulkily inside of it

He immediately understood why she looked that way, I mean, if his parents had acted that way that they had towards someone that he had brought home, he'd be pissed too. But it's not like he had a normal household, so it didn't matter really

He walked over to where she was sitting, squatted down behind her, close enough to pull on her hair gently, "You shouldn't be mad at them pixie" he spoke, her hair soft on his touch

She turned around and mug him, then swatted his hand so he could let go of her hair, letting it bounced back to its original coiled form

She turned around and mug him, then swatted his hand so he could let go of her hair, letting it bounced back to its original coiled form

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"Moenie met my praat nie" she told him through gritted teeth, then turned her back at him
(Don't talk to me)

He smirked, pulling on her hair again, which caused her to swat at him again, "Moenie" she whined, trying her hardest not to cry

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