|Cody Carson| "You Came."

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I'm sorry, I do a lot of Cody Carson imagines, but I just love him so much 🖤😂

Explicit Language - I know I don't usually do warnings but I probably should. :/

"I can't believe I ever got engaged to you

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"I can't believe I ever got engaged to you..."

Another door slam was heard throughout the house.


"Make me... Go on Cody, force me to wait. Make me love you again, oh wait you can't because while I was here waiting for you to return home, you were sleeping with another woman..."

"Y\N I'm sorry I was drunk!"

"Shut the fuck up Cody, drunk or not, you let her in your trailer that night."

"Let me e-"

"I'm leaving..." You walked out the door, climbing into your car, throwing a bag into the boot.

Tears flowed down your face, making your view hazy and foggy. The night was dark; you opened a window, the wind whipped your cheeks harshly, you glanced in the mirror checking the cars behind you. You shook your head, trying to get rid of the thought of Cody, you awaited his arrival for so long after his tour. Then found out he'd been with someone else the whole time.

You sniffed loudly as you came to some traffic lights. You stopped the car, looking at the bright red light. You watched as it flashed to green. You slowly began to drive once more. A bright white light was all you could see as it sped towards the side of the car. You tried swerving. However, it failed, resulting in the car crashing into yours. You felt a sharp pain in your side as you watched the car spin. You breathed heavily as a loud ringing sounded throughout your ears painfully. You coughed and wheezed as you placed your hands on the roof your chest ached as you began to move, you cried out, the tears staining your cheeks. A metallic scent hit your nose as you looked down to your waist. Blood fell quickly from it onto the roof of the car. Your eyes closed for what seemed like a few moments, the last thing you heard was a voice on the phone and then some sirens.

💕 Cody's POV 💕

I fucked up... I did, she's the only one I didn't want to hurt, the only one who supported me, even if it meant I'd be away for some time... She was the only one who kept me going, and I hurt her.

I ran out a few moments after she drove away. I know I was wrong, I regret everything. I wish I hadn't done it... For fuck's sake Cody WHY? You screwed up.

I watched as the rain fell onto the car window, the wipers sweeping across taking the droplets with them. She was probably heading to her parent's house, getting her fathers blessing wasn't easy. I worked hard for that, but now I've gone and thrown it all away. <---- Bohemian Rhapsody 💕 ( I swear to God I didn't mean to do that )

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