Author's Note

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Hello, gorgeous!

So, after only one day and too much fun thinking about different ideas, I have come to the conclusion that this needs to become a full story. There will be new characters added to the SB and GB boys and Sang during this new adventure for me and for the purpose of this story, they will all live at the Sergeant Jasper apartment building. And I really mean ALL of them, including the Blackbourne team. <3 

Thank you so, so much for all your votes and comments on the first chapter that was supposed to be a one-shot hahahaha! You made my day and probably my whole week! Seriously, you guys crack me up! The basic story is that Sang just moved in and she's a semi-famous author who's able to live from her writing with a little librarian job on the side because she loves it and doesn't want to quit it. She's 22 years old, so are Kota, North, Luke, Silas, Victor and Nathan. Gabriel is still 21, but his birthday is coming soon. Owen and Sean are 25 and Brandon, Corey, Raven, and Marc are 26 ( for the purpose of this story ). Axel is 27. I didn't want them to be too old nor too young so I changed mostly the Toma team's age compared to the Blackbourne team.

You're probably wondering if Sang will end up happy with those 14 guys? Yes, she will because I just can't let them be with another girl. I'm greedy! Will they ever break up? Nooooo! Don't wanna! :P 

Like usual, if you have any request, ideas, questions etc... You can comment here. <3

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