Chapter 6

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"Frisk.." Sans whispered, picking her up in his strong, bony arms. "Hon, open your eyes. Please."

She didn't respond and Sans mentally panicked. He had to get her to Alyphys lab right away. His eyes glowed blue again and he teleported out from the ruins, appearing outside of Alphys and Undyne's house. He banged his fist against the front door and moments later, Undyne appeared.

"Sans? What are you-" Her eye widened when she saw the unmoving body in San's arms.

"I know what you're thinking, but it wasn't me this time. Chara came back. I need you to help her, please."

"Chara?" Undyne asked. "How the hell did she..?"

"I..I don't know." He replied, his tone filled with worry.

"I'll go get Alphy."

Undyne rushed up the stairs to Alphy's room. Seconds later, Alphy rushed down with the familiar worried face that she always had on her face.

"S-Sans!" She exclaimed. "W-What happened?"

"Chara came back and killed Frisk. Is there anything you can do?"

"How is her soul?"

"It's dead." He replied.


"PLEASE Alphys. I don't want to force a reset when there could be another way."

"Alright." She agreed, smiling timidly up at him. "I'll see what i can do. Bring her upstairs, to my lab."

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