Chap 1 - Parking Place

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Chapter 1 : Parking Place

A smile spread across my lips as I felt the cool breeze hit my face. I placed my now empty bowl of chocolate ice cream back on the small side table and sighed in happiness. I unfolded my long tan legs and got up, my feet touching the sand. I moved towards the ocean until I felt my feet touching the cool water. I felt myself relax as I heard the sound of waves.

This was just perfect. This was pure bliss.

Suddenly, freezing cold water hit my face and I screamed, "Flood! Flood! Run for your lives!"

"Get up sister." Someone said in a flat tone.

My eyes flew open and I looked at my little brother with wide eyes. My eyes moved towards the bucket he was holding, which was now empty.

"Did you just...?" I said with a stunned expression, lost for words.

He smirked at me and started walking towards the door. Before leaving, he turned around and said three words.

"Time for school."


I was fuming after my little brother, Jordan, left my room. He was only eleven years old, but don't get tricked by his innocent looks, because behind those looks was an evil little devil.

My anger was soon replaced by frustration as I remembered what day today was.


Not only was it Monday, but it was also my first day in my new school.

Monday? Check.
New girl at school? Check.
Uncontrollable sweating ? Check.

I glanced at my alarm clock and sighed.

Late? Check.

Great. All this was just the recipe for high school disaster.

I sighed yet again and started getting ready for school.

After I had taken a bath and changed into a new pair of clothes, I looked at myself in the mirror.

I was dressed and ready. My long brown hair fell down my shoulders, almost reaching my waist. I was wearing a blue crop top and high waisted shorts. I took my eyes off myself from the mirror, satisfied with how I looked.

Packing my bag, I made sure everything I needed was there and then quickly took my phone out of the charger.

"What's up sis?" Jordan asked with a smile as he saw me coming down the stairs. I glared at him and then offered him a fake smile.

"Late as always." My mother sighed.

"Good morning to you too, guys." I replied sarcastically.

I took a seat beside my dad, who looked up and smiled.I smiled back and started having my breakfast, though it was hard to eat with all those nervous butterflies in there.

It wasn't hard to guess why I was so nervous. New place and new high school? Amazing.

We had recently shifted to LA, after living in London our entire lives. My life in London was really nice and I was not sure how I felt about shifting to LA.

I didn't like leaving my friends and my previous school behind, but sometimes you need to adjust to changes.

"Hurry up there." said my dad, snapping me out of my thoughts. After finishing my breakfast, I hurried back to my room to grab my bag.

I checked my little, but "on point" make up and hair one last time and went down stairs. I was driving to my new high school and had this weird sensation all over me.

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