Chapter 16 - Quiet dinner & unexpected ink

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"Jace, I need something that says 'I'm hot as shit and I don't even have to try', without saying 'I'm really hot and I know my boobs look awesome'," I sighed, flipping through the massive amount of clothes in my closet.

He groaned and rolled over onto his back, staring up at my ceiling. He was already in his pajamas and cuddled up in my bed, apparently not even worried about my dinner with Harry. I, on the other hand, was potentially going to pass out at any moment.

"Jace!" I snapped.

"What?" He muttered, letting his head tilt backwards to look up at me. "How about because you're actually hot as shit and don't have to try, you throw on whatever you want. Harry Styles doesn't decide what you wear."

I thought back to the night he made me change before going to the club and turned back to my closet. "You're right, he doesn't."

"I know."

"How about this?" I asked, holding my favourite pair of jeans and a striped shirt. "With those new black boots I got? And that gold necklace?"

"Perfect. Now get your hot ass ready so I can give you a pep talk."

I laughed and pulled off my yogurt stained outfit, tossing it into my laundry basket before slipping into the perfectly fitted boyfriend jeans. I stumbled slightly as I put them on, receiving a loud laugh of amusement from Jace.

I sat down in front of the large mirror and started to swipe mascara on before reapplying my foundation. "Jace, have you seen my blush?"

"Under your right knee."

I muttered a thanks as I brushed it over my cheekbones, finally applying a little bit of lipgloss. Standing up, I twirled around at Jace's commanded. He gave me an approving nod, but tapped his chin on his fingers as he thought.

"Where's the necklace?"

"Oh yeah," I stammered, grabbing it off of my dresser and slipping it on. "This better?"

"It's still missing something. I know!" He squealed, jumping out of the bed. He clambered around my room to my closet where he dug through the mess before coming out. He held up a gold and black clutch and a black bowler hat in triumph. "Ha!"

I laughed as I put on the hat and held the clutch, sticking out my hip in a pose. "Better?"

"One last thing."

I stood silently as he swiped a dark, wine coloured lipstick over my lips. He stepped back and made me twirl again, this time giving me his final approval with a high five. Giggling, we left my messy room to go to the kitchen.

"I need a shot." I reached into our liquor cabinet, ignoring Jace's disapproving look as I sipped on the strong vodka. "That's disgusting," I grimaced. He shook his head playfully and grabbed the bottle from me, taking a sip for himself. We sat side by side on the counter top as we passed the handle back and forth.

"Norah, I don't want you to put up with him," He stated, suddenly serious. His bright blue eyes searched mine as he squeezed my shoulders comfortingly. "Okay?"

"I won't," I promised.

The doorbell rang and he kissed each of my cheeks quickly, whispering a good luck and going to shut himself in his room for the rest of the night, probably texting one of his multiple boyfriends. I took a deep breath and opened the door.

"Hi James," I said as I stepped out and locked the door behind me.

"Miss Wilson," He greeted.

"Please, it's Norah."

"Sorry, Mi- Norah."

I gave him a small grin. "Thanks."

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