Chapter 10

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"Okay, repeat that again as if you were talking to a dummy." Kasia's confused gaze wandered from Findlay to Georgie and back again. The past nights she had done everything they wanted her to, but she had also noticed that they had given her a bit more room after her fall out with Robyn. It still hurt to think about it, but she was sure that it had to be done. She simply had to prioritize Dyson now.

"I told you she wouldn't be up for it?" Georgie commented off-handedly. She still looked like an after-image of herself, but Findlay had worked on some potions to make her look more human again. The magic behind the concoctions was still beyond Kasia. Even if she copied every step Findlay performed, hers never turned out as anything more than a mix of herbs and powders. Only Findlay had that certain something that transformed the brew as soon as he put the final ingredient in it. With a poof it changed colour and could be filled into small glass tubes that would last Georgie for days. She had gotten meaner now that she couldn't use magic herself anymore, but Kasia also suspected that Georgie secretly enjoyed testing the potions. From what she had gathered before, appearance mattered to her at least to some extent and now she got to change her hair and eye colour to her liking every day. There must have been at least some sort of appeal to that, even though they never could recreate her original features, no matter which ingredients they tried.

"It's not that I am strictly against it, but have you even thought about what you are suggesting? You want me to travel during the day ... in my wolf form!?"

"We can't keep you cooped up in that room forever, Kasia." Findlay pleaded.

"Obviously, but I have no idea how much of me is still me when I am a wolf. There are emotions at play I have absolutely no control over and to let that run wild in a heavily populated area seems the least ideal approach there is."

"The thing is we need to get to this place." He pointed at a mountain range close to the Oregon coast on the map that was sprawled out before them. "And we need to get there in two days."

"Yeah, because that just sounds easy breezy. Why in two days?"

Findlay exchanged a look with Georgie, who sat up a little straighter, ready to take over. "We did some research and there's a possibility you might be able to talk to Dyson on that day."

That stumped her. "What do you mean?"

"It's an astrology thing, I doubt you would understand." Kasia only rolled her eyes, but motioned for Georgie to continue. "Every year, there's a certain alignment of stars that would allow you to talk to the Velcry world without having to use mirrors."

"Wait, we could just use mirrors?"

"No, that's the point, we can't use the mirrors, so we need to use this opportunity. It only happens once a year so we need to be there on that particular day or we will miss it. The spot is warded, but you'll get there with our help."

"Okay, so let's say I understand everything that I will have to do in the next 48 hours, how will Dyson know where he needs to be in his world?" Kasia had been sure that this would be the piece that made her friends' plan crumble, but unfortunately, they were prepared for that necessity as well. Georgie made her way across the room and dumped an old and dusty volume of a book in some foreign language in front of her. "Do you expect me to read all that?"

"No, silly, just open the page with the pink sticky note!"

At first Kasia had no idea what she was looking at, but she soon realised what Georgie wanted her to see. The letters weren't anything she recognized, but a mix of swirling and poignant symbols instead. Between every other column of what she presumed to be words, there were illustrations though and one of them especially caught her attention.

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