CHAPTER 66: Panic Attack

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-"Don't ever come back!", my mumma roared.

I looked up at her, and stood up.

-"Daddy, where are you going?", I asked.

He didn't answer. Instead, he opened the door and stepped outside.

Before his whole body was out of the doorstep, I grabbed his coat and attempted to pull him back inside.

-"Please don't leave daddy, I will miss you", I whined, pulling harder.

-"Jade, let me go", he said.

-"Daddy!", I yelled, as he harshly grabbed my hands and pulled them apart from his coat.

-"Come back in daddy, I'll be a good girl", I cried. There was no help.

He slammed the door and I was able to hear his steady footsteps.

-"Jade, we will be okay", mumma said.

And that was all I wanted to remember.

Flashback over.

-"I bet your mum fixed everything. We've been out for long enough", I said, standing up and dusting off my butt.

-"If you say so", he said, and stood up as well.

We went inside the lobby and pushed the elevator button.

We silently went up and both got down on the sixth floor.

He sighed, and rang on the doorbell.

-"I'll stay outside looking untill you enter the house, yeah?", I suggested.

He nodded and grinned.

I smiled at him and gave him a reassuring nod, as we waited for the door to open.

[Stuart's POV]

I loved the way she always cared and showed respect.

I loved the way she always found the right way to do everything.

I simply loved her, and that was never going to change if she kept on being herself.

-"Thank you", I whispered to her.

-"You're welcome", she said, and I looked away from her stunning smile.

The door opened and my mum was there, standing with swollen eyes (from tears) and my father sitting on the couch.

-"Come in Stu", my mum said, not taking a glance at Jade.

-"Thanks Jade, bye", I said, turning around.

-"Have a good afternoon", she said.

I smiled and stepped in the apartment, my mum giving Jade a nod.

I walked towards my room and turned the doorknob.

-"Stuart, come here", my dad said.

-"I am not in the mood, dad.", I said, opening the door.

-"Manners, Stuart!", he said, raising his voice.

I breathed and inflated my nostrils, stomping back into the livingroom.

-"Yes, father?", I asked.

-"Listen, son. I'm sorry about that, and I'm just sorry about everything.", he said.

-"Okay", I said, turning around.

-"Stu", my mum said.

I looked over my shoulder and raised my eyebrows.

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