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Klaus's eyes burned into Isabel's back until she entered the speakeasy, then turning to compel the last twenty minutes from Wendy's mind wishing he could do the same for himself.


By the time Isabel re-entered the boisterous speakeasy, the rest of her party had returned to the booth with the addition of Stefan. Isabel watched them from afar, them unaware of her eyes as Jason and Elijah seemed to be deep in conversation as Jason's handsome face broke out into a good hearted laugh. Isabel's brother was always smiling but it had been a long time since she had seen uninhibited joy on her brothers face which sent a pulse of guilt through her heart as she thought about what an unpleasant person she can be at times.

As she thought about how lonely it must feel for her brother, Jason had always been much more of an extrovert than Isabel from the time they were toddlers. Isabel had always found peace in solitude while Jason was the complete opposite. After everything had happened Jason hadn't gotten to socialize as much as he surely would have liked to.

Isabel watched as Rebekah joined in, a beautiful smile breaking out across her face. She pointed at her brother as she said something with a playful grin, Elijah put his hands up in mock. Stefan even cracked a smile as he glanced at Rebekah who was comfortably curled into his side and at that moment the two of them shared an intimate glance.

At this moment was when Jason spotted his sister, a smile on his face as he gestured for her to come back to the booth. Isabel looked at her brother a second before smiling back, walking towards the booth.

Isabel decided she wouldn't tell Jason about what had happened in the alleyway, he wouldn't understand not that Isabel was making excuses for Klaus's behavior. But she knew she could handle the original but Jason wouldn't believe her thus cutting off all of the Mikaelsons which Isabel definitely didn't want.

She would just keep it to herself.


The next morning Jason had a meeting so Isabel decided to have breakfast in her bedroom, dressed in nothing but her cream silk robe she sat comfortably with her legs out on her chaise lounge smoking a cigarette. The previous Christmas Jason had gotten her a phonograph for her room since she was always dragging the one from the study to her room so Isabel lay with her head back and eyes closed with the beautiful rich music dancing around her ears.

Next to her on the coffee table was every delicious breakfast food you could think of, perfectly fluffy eggs, toast dripping in rich butter and jams, freshly baked scones that were still warm with the chocolate chips still glossy from the oven with clotted cream generously spread over them yet Isabel had no appetite as she milked her cigarette and black coffee.

A knock on the door startled Isabel as she sat back up, her feline eyes open once more as she leaned over, setting her coffee cup on the table.

"Come in," Isabel called, swinging her legs off the chaise lounge and setting her bare feet on the cold, crème marble floors of her bedroom as her the French doors opened that led to the hallway.

"Miss. Isabel, a Miss. Rebekah Mikaelson wishes to see you," a maid, Elaine was her name Isabel recalled.

"Please allow her up. Thank you, Elaine," Isabel responded, smiling at her as she closed the door. Isabel got up from her seat and walked towards her vanity to check her appearance before receiving her friend.

Her blonde hair was softly pulled away from her face resting in an elegant twist atop her head, her skin makeup free allowing her soft sprinkling of freckles to be visible as well as her cheeks, nose and lips being a bright pink color. Isabel looked angelic in her soft cream robe and her fresh, innocent appearing features.

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