how could you...

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Vinny had been extremely stressed lately, we had come home a few days ago, he had just sat on the couch and ignored me and our baby he had been getting drunk and then falling asleep on the couch.

I woke up to the baby crying, I sat up and rubbed my eyes like a child, I looked forward and a few seconds later Vinny slammed opened the door and said "why don't you shut up that god forsaken thing we call our child already" i was taken back not just by what he said but also the expression on his face, I know how he gets when he's angry, so i just stood up and walked past him, as i walked past Vinny smacked me in the back of the head, i was more focused on the baby then the fact my husband just hit me in the back of the head, I quietly opened the baby's door, i went over to his crib, I picked him up and cradled him till he stopped crying.....

A/N: alright i know my chapters are short but oh well i hope you like this part, it'll get worse with the whole abusive thing, but then it'll get better, i promise i won't just do that to you guys

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