Its yo birthday pt 3 (damn so many parts 😂)

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"Sir it's six in the morning please go home." One of the nurses said. I sat up, I guess I fell asleep in chair next to y/n with my head on the bed. In fact I was even holding her hand tightly." I ain't leaving yet m'am sorry." "Sir we need to clean her up in the bath." "She's asleep how in the hell are you going to do that?"

"Just leave!" She said slightly harshly. I mean I couldn't yelled at her back but another doctor came in," What's going on?" "Y/n's nurse is a bitch." "No I'm not he won't leave!" She said sighing." Now now don't get all mad we'll figure this out. Natalie had he been here all night?"

"Yes doctor he was he should've left last night after visiting hours were over." The doctor looked at me," Why did you stay here all night?" "My...friend is in a coma. In fact we're dating." I held her hand once more even though she had no energy or movement besides her chest moving up and down.

"Gerald you may stay as long as you need or want to." I nodded," Thank you." I sat back down and went back to sleep.

About two hours later I woke up and saw y/n, she looked beautiful even if she was in a coma. She always looks beautiful. Just a couple months and shell be awake. Maybe the nurses know about when shell wake up I'll go on a tour then with her.

I'm so excited for this, I got up and left the hospital. Devon is probably worried about where I went. Whatever screw her I'll break up with her as soon as y/n wakes up. Damn I should've said happy birthday to her!

It's been three months now and the nurses still don't know when she'll be awake, one more month until I have to go on tour. I have been staying in her hospital room for her past six weeks waiting for her to wake up.

At that moment I was talking to her about everything." So I was thinking about breaking up with Devon because of you know...I'll tell you when you wake up. Oh yeah I recorded two new songs for the CD coming out next month I'm so excited! All you friends including mine which I have a lot are wishing you could wake up and ya know talk to all of us. We all miss you so damn much. I'm so excited for the tour by the way it's going to be so much fun with you. You'll get to meet my fans and everything. In fact I've posted a lot of things about you for the past couple months. Everyone wants to meet you really bad. Please wake up, I....I really love you."

I squeezed her hand lightly," Please just give me a sign, any sign at all that you're awake and can hear me. Wake up and just squeeze my hand. Do anything, please. Just give me a sign you have been listening to me."

I kept looking at every detail of her trying to see if she was trying to make any kind of muscle in her body just slightly move. Until I got a message. Actually I have like 127, shit I haven't checked them for five weeks.

Some of them were from Devon, she's so damn annoying all she wants is sex. Like she's exactly like a fuckboy but instead a fuckgirl. It doesn't sound right but whatever. It was my manager that texted me at least five times.

'Gerald where are you?'
'Tell y/n I said hi'
'Bro come on talk to me the tour is in one month you can't just ignore me!'
'Fucking respond fans are getting fucking kissed about you not posting anything on any social medias!'
"Boy answer me I'm getting really pissed off  right now!'

I turned my phone off and put it in my pocket. Wait! Hold the fuck up! Y/n's head is tilted to the left slightly more than before. As if she was trying to look at me. I sat up," Y/n make your eyes twitch."

It took her about two minutes about she finally managed to make her left eye twitch. A huge grin grew on my face," Squeeze my hand." I could see her muscle almost pop out as her hand squeezed mine slightly. Slightly is enough! I grabbed my phone and recoding her on Snapchat that her hand was twitching. The camera was focused on her hand fully.

Then I moved the camera up to her face where her eyes were open, as her eyes were fluttering." Y/n you're awake?" I whispered as I leaned closer to her. She looked at me and nodded slowly," N-nurse." Her voice seemed to have no energy or emotion to it as I quickly pushed the button on the remote that called the doctors.

Nurses rushed in as I stood out of their way, they helped y/n sit up and she looked at me, a small smile crept on her lips. The entire time there was a grin on my face never leaving. As the nurses left to leave us some privacy. I went to her and y/n's smile grew.

I leaned in and kissed her, I was a little taller than her so I barely leaned down. She cupped my face gently with shaky ass. I put my hands on hers and put them back down as I pulled away." Y/n, I lo-"

"Baby?! Where have you been?!" Shit there's my going-to-be-ex-girlfriend-soon. She ran and jumped into my arms kissing my face. Y/n became sad and looked down the smiling leaving her face.

"Y/n is awake remember I told you she was in a coma for the past four months?" "Oh...yeah I remember kind of but you never texted me back I missed you!" She hugged me tightly kissing my cheek.

"I love you so much never do that again hear me?" She asked. She looked up as I didn't respond," Gerald Gillum you better never do that to me again! Hear me?" I shook my head pushing her away," Fuck off were done."

"What the hell?! This isn't fair you shouldn't be with that slutty girl! You don't deserve her you deserve me! Ugggg!" She ran out and everyone heard her scream of frustration. I laughed then looked at y/n who was smiling.

"I love you y/n." "I love you too Gerald." We kissed once more before we embraced each other.

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