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He didn't know he fell asleep until Jesse woke him up. Light was peeking through the small, high windows and for the first time he saw the room in full light. It did look much nicer in the light. Jesse was standing over him, nudging his shoulder with no care and impatience.
"Get up." He said flatly. Hanzo groaned and sat up, falling to the ground as pain exploded in his side. Jesse sat in one of the chairs and faced him, looking deadpanned as he waited for Hanzo to prop himself against the wall. "Shimada, are you gonna tell me why you're wanted?" he said nothing. "That's what I thought. Do you have any clue why I would like to know?" Hanzo hadn't heard him speak Japanese so clearly before, and it was starting to scare him. "I heard from someone that you're wanted because you killed your brother. I am going to give you one chance to tell me the truth."
"I did not kill him." Hanzo groaned.
"So, tell me in great detail why I was told you did, and where your brother is now."
"Why do you even care?"
"I know your brothers name, Shimada. I knew Genji pretty well, I've saved his life more than once. He was a nice guy, and a lot better than you." Hanzo said nothing, and Jesse crossed his arms and leaned back. "So, tell me why and where, and I won't bring you to the castle."
"I do not know why or where. I woke up one day and a woman told me to run fast."
Hanzo sighed, "What does it matter?"
"Castle or not?"
"She was a servant for us, she had covered for Genji many times."
"So why would she cover for you."
"She believes my innocence." Jesse was quiet for a long time, Hanzo began to wonder if he was still going to bring him to the castle. Finally he sighed got up from the chair, he disappeared into the other room, and when he came back he simply handed Hanzo a flyer. It said that tomorrow was the first day of Hanamura's annual flower festival, the annual festival where people dawned the cities traditional masks and partake in the nine day events. Hanzo looked up at Jesse curiously.
"If we walk around then, we won't be noticed. I'm going to help you clear your name under one condition; we find Genji alive. If we don't I'm turning you in, or killing you myself." he nodded and looked at the paper. The first event was when masks and costumes went on sale, and when people picked out what they would wear that year. Most people saved up and bought a single extravagant mask to wear till they saved and found a better one, but he had always gotten a new one every year. He had only done the bare necessity of the festivals activities. He had stood behind his father on the fifth day and then stayed in the castle as Genji snuck out. Years ago he had done the same, but one year something changed, and he never went again.
"You're from here, right? I'm thinking we need to get into your manor, so find the best day to do that. I'm also thinking we need to check out that family in the fancy part of town, they gotta know something." he frowned at the paper once again, Jesse walked over and helped him up, then set him one of the chairs.
He went into the other room and retrieved his mask and gun, when he came back he headed toward the door, then turned to look at Hanzo, who was now uncomfortably slouched on the table.
"I'll be back in an hour, maybe. If you leave just know i will absolutely find you." he left and closed the door behind him, leaving Hanzo alone in the deafeningly silent home.
He looked at the paper that listed all the days of the festival and the activities that took place. But Hanzo knew about the other things not listed, that only the invited were allowed to attend.
On the second day, the 'fancy district' held a party. On the third they held another, and the fourth the market district held one. The fifth was the day the flooded district was supposed to hold an event, but now it was the market's turn again. The sixth and seventh days the Shimada's held a party, much more refined than the others but not the fanciest event the held. The eighth day was held in the market on the castle grounds, and the ninth day was a party directly in the castle.
The best day to get information from the 'fancy family' was the second day of the event, people would worry much less about security because they wouldn't have thought of anyone to worry about yet. There was, however, always a chance that they expected Hanzo to show up. He had never been the type to go to any party, but now he was a 'murderous fiend' and 'extremely dangerous'.
Either way, he assumed Jesse had a plan. He circled the second day, and then the seventh day for the Shimada's. He leaned on the table and waited.

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