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Hanzo woke up, surprised he was waking up at all. He didn't move and instead his groggy eyes tried to find where he was. He was on the floor, staring at the back of the kitchen table. The lights were all out, and the sound of Jesse snoring filled the space. He moved and felt a jab of pain in his side. He let out a dry cough and froze in place. Bandages were wrapped around his side where Jesse had shot him, a small amount of blood coated the area around the bullet hole. He looked at the closed curtain that separated the rooms and laid his head back on the floor. The snoring stopped, and a creak of the bed followed. Hanzo's heart jumped as he closed his eyes and pretended to be sleeping. He could hear rustling, the sound of Jesse picking up and latching the holster and gun to his side. Then he heard the knock at the door. It was violent, loud, and sure to wake anyone up. Jesse sighed and walked into the room, he heard footsteps get louder and softer, they stopped in front of him for a second before knock made them walk to the door. Jesse muttered something to himself in english.
He heard the creak of the door open, as Jesse said one word, "Reaper."
"McCree. Do you sleep with that get up on? Or do you not sleep?"
"I've shot you once, what makes you think I won't again."
"You know, you're pretty generous with bullets."
"I can be a real philanthropist is you give me the chance."
" I came here to inform you on that little prize you snatched from me. Where is he, anyway?"
"Cellar." Jesse replied. Hanzo peeked open an eye and saw how he grabbed the door frame and casually moved to block him without Reaper being any of the wiser. "What sort of information could you give me?"
"Hanzo and I, we've got history. You, you're pretty new. But you haven't even heard what got him to beat me in the wanted race."
"What do I look like to you Reaper, an idiot? I bet you don't even know the real reason." Hanzo's heart pumped heavy in his chest, did he actually know? If he did why pretend he didn't?
"I know, you're the one who doesn't know anything."
"Then please, tell me." Reaper looked angry.
"He killed that damn brother of his, the power hungry mutt took a page out of my book. They say he stabbed him in the chest and let him fall into the sea."
"I'm surprised," Jesse said in a monotone voice, if he really was surprised he wasn't letting it show. "You actually do know something."
"Told you I did. You don't really want to go to the castle with him. He'll cut you apart like he did his own blood. Maybe you should just give him to me, i'll keep him out of your hands."
The sound of the gun being taken out of its holster made Hanzo reopen his eyes. "It's late, Reaper. Maybe you're delusional from blood loss, but true or not you are making a very, very bad decision."
"No need to bring a weapon into this. Fine, but take my word for it, don't underestimate that Shimada."
"Yeah yeah, get out of here." the door closed and he snapped his eyes shut. Footsteps went back into the room and the familiar sounds of Jesse removing his disguise were heard. The footsteps got louder and stopped in front of Hanzo, then they receded into the other room.

A/N: now that i think about it i wrote Reaper more like Junkrat...and it probably would have made more sense if he was Junkrat but too late now. Hope you enjoined this update

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