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This one is going to be pretty short, sorry 😭.


"Hyung!" I called out to my third favorite person in the world.

"Hmmm?" Hobi turned to look at me, and tilted his head like a dog. Cute.

"What would you do if you had 3 wishes?"

*And everyone in the room secretly leans in to hear his answer*

Hobi hyung suddenly starts laughing and moving his hand like a super villain would do.

Hobi hyung suddenly starts laughing and moving his hand like a super villain would do

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"I've been waiting for this moment to come!"

Hearing this statement, everyone was even more curious to what he was going to say. BTS was intrigued and looking at him like he was the cutest thing in the world, while all the fangirls just raised an eyebrow.

Hobi hyung cleared his voice, and looked at me straight in the eye, not noticing the stares from everyone in this room.

He's such an oblivious idiot.

"If I had 3 wishes.....

1. I would want a neverending notebook that can never be destroyed and I can never lose it.

2. I would want a neverending pen that can also never be destroyed and never lost."

*namjoon hyung in the background "this is just getting stupid"*

"Shut up Namjoon!

3. What ever I write in my notebook will come true"

"Wow hyung, that's really smart!"

" In your face Namjoon! You sucka!"

I just stare at Hoseok pointing and laughing at Namjoon like a child......he's perfect.

"Hobi hyung, where are your parents, I really want to meet them" I need to act like perfect boyfriend material in front of them, then I'll snatch him away!

"Um....hehe, I live alone, and...uh, I only visit them once an year. I don't think you'll like to meet them though, they're really dull, and they practically live under a rock.....and, uh, they only like flowers, nothing else really."

He started to laugh really nervously, if he didn't want me to meet his parents, he could have just said so.

I looked at all the other BTS members; TaeJin seemed guilty about something, NamYoon was thinking really hard, Jimin......was just Jimin.

"Wait Hoseok!" Yoongi called out.

Hobi hyung began to turn pale and turned to him.



"Why didn't you just ask for more wishes?"

"You can't do that! Basic rule!"

And then their bickering continued on.......but I couldn't get his answer out of my head.
Especially because Namjoon kept repeating this very sentence over and over again.

I wish he could shut the fuck up.

Is that what you want to waste the wish one?

God? Wait, no! Don't, I want to be iron ma-

Too late

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