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I called for hours and hours. She never answered. She said she was going to call. At 9:48 that night, I got a text that read: "Come to your window. (: " . I rubbed at my eyes and read the text again, making sure I had read it right. I didn't want to get out of my bed. It was too warm and comfortable. I replied back, "Are you being serious? I'm in the bed".


My phone beeped again, "Please, just come to your window". I got up and stumbled over to my window. I saw nothing. I began to go back to my bed when, I heard, Tap tap tap.. I slowly turned around, afraid of what I might see. My eyes nearly popped out of their sockets and I almost attempted to hide underneath my bed. There, at my window, was a cute, unusually hyper Asher.


I flew over the bed and covered myself because I had forgotten I was in just a tank top and my underwear. I heard muffled giggles coming from behind the window. I gave her a death stare. And of course when she gave me her pouty face, I ran over and opened the window, giving her a huge smile.


Surprisingly, she smiled back which brought heat and color to my cheeks. She stretched her arm out in front of me. I grabbed it and began to pull her through my window. While attepting, I slipped on something on the floor. When I slipped, I yanked her forwards and she landed right on top of me. Talk about awkward..


Her waist was on either side of my knee caps. This was the most amazing and embarrassing moments of my life. Trust me, I like the position but she didn't. She jumped up and straightened her clothes. She extended her arm in front of me and helped me make my way back on my feet. We both sighed. Her's, probably from relief and embarrasment. Mine, from thinking all of the nasty thoughts that ran through my mind and liking the way she was on top of me.


I shook my head of my lusty thoughts and asked,"Why are you here in the middle of the night?". She shyly hid her face and spoke,"I just wanted to see you". "Um, okay?", I watched as she plopped on my bed and smiled. "What are you doing?", I questioned, stepping over to her. "Can I sleep with you?", she asked in a cute, innocent voice. My eyes widened at her question. "Uh..Um. Sure.", I answered, confused on her quesion.


She got back out of my bed and grabbed a bag near the window. She unzipped it and picked out some clothes from it. She set it back down and brought the clothes to the bed. Every other day, she was modest, but tonight she just stripped in front of my wondering eyes. She stripped off her shirt and threw it at me, laughing playfully. Bending over to get her tank top, her breasts caught my eye. The small bra holding in her large breasts.


It barely covered them. She bent back up and caught my gaze. She smiled and I looked at her. Oh shit. She caught me. Damn it, she's going to think I'm the biggest pervert ever. To my surprise, she giggled and jumped making them bounce around in the cups and said,"Should I just leave my shirt off?". Did she have any idea of how much she was teasing me right now?


She couldn't stay like that. I can't control myself. "Put on a shirt!", I yelled playfully. She laughed and put her tank top. She then unbuttoned her blue jeans and slide them down slowly. It was like she was trying to seduce me! I licked my lips. She started to tug at her underwear and I spoke up,"Uh, what are you doing?". She looked up at me from her underwear and purred,"Taking off my underwear. Does that bother you?". I swallowed nervously. "No..", I squeeked. She giggled and slipped her underwear off.