A night i will never forget

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It was just me,and 4 other guys whose was just doing a night shift and I have my k-9 dog with us guarding the undone hotel, the hotel rooftop is not yet done,and our jobs is too make nobody can come in or out of the place,we locked every door in the 4 sides of the hotel.This hotel only have 3 floors with 4 rooms in each of them.

So yeah, I didn't like the job but I told myself I wanted to be part of a team and I choose to be a security guard.

Me and the others were just chilling and one of the guards named Jack checking the camera in every floor and pop up out of his seat and said this "Were that door locked before....it was close and Now it open"

Me and the other guards was shock,by looking at the camera that show the first floor,and the door is open.

The head chef tell me to check and I was thinking why I have to do it,but I didn't care much, I grab my flashlight, and my p250 pistol and goes to the first floor with my k-9,and for a minute... My k-9 head to the first floor room and I was able to catch up with him (it a he). My k-9 star at the restroom door and step beside him, and I heard this big noise inside the restroom, like the water was turn on.

"Get out of the bathroom with your hands up" there was no answer. I open the door and this where my heart stop. On the silk, there was a note with blood on it and I decide to keep it and take it to the guard. My k-9 start to look at the door that me and him just came in........a black figure was peeking it head out...........and I started to think it was one of the guards I working with..."hey man you scare the hell out of me,now come in" the black figure didn't move and just look at me,then I start to think it wasn't him, it was someone else and my k-9 stand guard and ready to attack but can't move for some reason.
And then I heard a tiny voice from the black figure saying "Read the note"...... My k-9 froze and I starting to get cold and pull out the note and it was creepy, it was written in blood and it say this.

" Hi Riko,I knew you became part of a team, and I want to make love to your body after I done stabbing you" after reading it,I was so scare that I needed my k-9 to move but I was frozen and can't move my body.... I trying to move but I can't..... The black figure came to me walking forward to me and have a  knife on his right hand.....I can't do noting, and can't scream for help,and before the black figure get close to me..... My k-9 attack the figure on the foot and kick him off and I was unfroze and pull out my pistol and trigger the first shot at the black figure but it was too late,the black figure left but I got a shot out of him,blood was on the  wall and I knew I hit him somewhere.

After the first sound of my gun went off, the other guards rush to the first floor to get to me and see me sitting down on the floor with the k-9 on my side.

They help me back downstairs to the main lobby and ask me what happen, I told them what happen, and believe every word I say out of my mouth, and they was scare for me and one of the guard say "whoever did this,want to have your body until you dead" and after that,we called the police and they investigate every floor and find a dead body with a knife and the note in the first floor where I find it at first.

The police ask me questions and I answer them,no charges was against me.

After that night,I don't know who that person was or what he or she wanted but I glad I was alive and me and my team never be back in that hotel ever again.
I never want to be back in that place in my life never again.

Days later I move with my team house and we all live together for now on. The k-9 became more stronger everyday and ready for everything since that night happen to me.

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