"what about you, mister min?" jimin asked, in a teasing tone. "what's your story?"

"pft, please don't. that's my dad, call me hyung," yoongi said, as he made a face. jimin giggled at that and yoongi felt his heart flutter at the cute sound. after, he immediately went back to his question.

"well, i work part time at the library - as you already know - mainly because i don't have to do much and well, i love peace and quiet. other than, i do don't do any really exciting stuff since i'm mostly busy with composing raps."

jimin's eyes widened at this.

"oh! so you really are an underground rapper?" he exclaimed, as yoongi chuckled at the younger's enthusiasm.

"of course, why would i lie?"

the pair continued to chat and laugh aboht their daily lives, even until their cups were empty they didn't show any sign of wanting to leave.

yoongi had learned so much about the younger, such as his parents are always working abroad so he lived with his older cousin, he loves anything sweet and can't go past a day without anything tbe least bit sugary, and he is considering to get a part-time job as a dancd instructor fo younger kids.

jimin also learned a lot like yoongi was very passionate in making music and succeeding in the music world, he loves naps and dyes his hair a lot. (this mint hair was his eighth time dyeing it)

unfortunately, the cafe closes pretty early, around six in the evening and the grumpy lady at the counter were high-key giving them a scary look, trying to make them leave.

finally, jimin noticed her glare and turned to yoongi.

"hey it's getting pretty late now, and i need to be back to help my cousin make dinner. plus the lady looks like she's about to murder us," he said, a hint of sadness in his tone.

yoongi looked back at the lady and nodded in agreement, standing up. he offered to walk jimin home but he declined, saying his house was only two blocks away.

jimin started to walk away as yoongi stood there, watching him walk out of his view. but then suddenly, the younger turned around and yelled,"see you tomorrow, yoongi hyung!"

and started running away to his home. leaving yoongi, standing there shocked but quietly laughing at his cuteness.

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