What's That Delicious Smell?

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         Humus. Decay. The smell of the damp dark earth. The mildew stench had become unbearable. What was home was now foreign; the growth of lichen, once a welcomed sight, was now looked upon in horror. Cobwebs were no longer fitting attire. Not since he's heard the siren's call, and the sticky-sweet smell of ecstasy filled his hollow body. Something was happening to him.
     Lestat rose, determined. He was experiencing the vigor he vaguely remembered as a human man, full of life and lust, and he liked it. The feeling was full; it was as if he had fed. Lestat vowed to find what source housed this tantalizing smell. If  only he could drink from it....
    Lestat left his crypt in the gothic St. Louis Cemetery No. 1, his vampire senses on overdrive, in search of the deity that had possessed him. As he float through the cemetery in the dark night, the smell became stronger, startling Lestat. He rounded the corner of a row of vaults, and there she was.
    Kneeling in front of the decrepit but majestic tomb of Marie Laveau was the most beautiful creature Lestat had ever laid eyes upon. She was negress, and her gorgeous pecan brown skin was enchanting. He was compelled to go closer, as she raised an earthen jug and poured clear, golden oil onto the ground. Lit candles illuminated her beauty, and Lestat could not take his eyes away from her ample bosom as she stood, putting a lit cigar to her mouth.
    There seemed to come an invisible sound, and the beautiful enchantress began to sway her body seductively to the hidden beat, mesmerizing Lestat. He watched in rapt attention as the witch lift her skirt, placing her hand between her legs as she moved her voluptuous body to the beat. She toked off of the cigar, his senses picking up high grade marijuana. Lestat smiled, his fangs peeking out.
    Lestat moved closer, sniffing the air. The wild beauty opened her eyes, now aware of being watched. As their eyes met, a powerful transformation took place, and an intense hunger filled Lestat. He walked closer to the woman, still sniffing her marvelous scent. The woman looked at him with wary eyes, then softened when she took in his handsome features.
   "What's that delicious smell?", asked Lestat, his eyes full of fire. He walked directly up to the woman, sniffing so closely his nose nearly touched her bosom, sending an icy chill down her spine and activating her Kundalini. What Lestat was smelling was her aura, and as he gazed at her beautiful throat, he felt himself rise, surprising him. He looked up into her eyes once again and saw something magical.
  "What's your name, my dear?", asked Lestat sexily, circling her like the predator he was. The woman seemed to be holding her breath, and it came out in a wraith as she said, "Baba Márie!"  Lestat smiled, and when she saw his fangs, she gasped, feeling herself moisten. "Who are you?", she asked, swallowing. Her heart beat fast; she could sense his vampiric nature. Baba Márie held dominion over the dead, and could take control over Lestat if he tried anything toward.
   Baba Márie couldn't help but to take in Lestat's features, awaiting his name. "You gone tell me your name?", she asked in her Creole accent, her heart pumping harder. Lestat came even closer and said, "I am the vampire Lestat!", a sexy wicked grin on his face as he looked down into her beautiful bosom. Baba Márie felt herself wetten as Lestat eyed her, then put his notice on the offerings she had laid out in front of the tomb.
   Lestat turned to Baba Márie once more, this time putting his face to her neck, causing her body to shiver. "My, what a wonderful smell you have!", he said, his sharp, sexy voice alluring her as he circled her once again, then disappeared amongst the vaults. Baba Márie took a deep breath, waiting, then collected herself and made her way back to her shotgun in the Tremè.
  She entered her dark house, making her way to her bedroom. Once inside, her hair began to rise. Baba Márie turned around to find Lestat standing behind her, his black eyes and fangs exposed. Baba Márie found she couldn't move; she was caught in his glamorous stare. Lestat grabbed her and pulled her to him, sinking his teeth into her neck, his fangs piercing her flesh and releasing her cinnamon blood.
   Baba Márie tried to move, but Lestat held her, almost tenderly as he drank, her blood giving him life. Baba Márie felt her nipples harden, the garden between her legs getting wet. She summoned her power and sent him flying, her power coming through. Lestat landed lightly, smiling at her with a bloody grin. Baba Márie stared as Lestat licked his lips sexily, then flew at her like a spectre, causing Baba Márie to duck, hitting the floor. Lestat disappeared into the night, leaving Baba Márie in a state of sexual frustration.
    She went to her back yard, where her cauldron stayed burning. Baba Márie let loose a howl, the chant of the ancestors escaping her throat as she raised her hands to the night sky. As Lestat slithered along Frenchmen Street, a sudden overwhelming feeling came over him, and he licked his lips, savoring her taste. He became vital; he felt alive. If a few drops of that enchantress' blood could do this to him, imagine what more could do.
     Lestat found himself suddenly lusting, and his hunger grew so intense, he grabbed the first unlucky person he came in contact with, sinking his teeth deep into the man's flesh. Lestat drank his fill, then let the man drop. He made his way back to Baba Márie's house, blending in with the shadows. What he saw in the backyard astounded him. There, the beautiful witch practiced her Hoodoo, dancing practically naked in front of a fire. Her beautiful breasts were bare, and the material that covered her pleasure triangle was made of chamois.
      A growl came from deep within Lestat, and as Baba Márie set her glare upon him, the most strangest thing happened. His heart beat.

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